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Netra t1 105 install solaris9 from terminal session

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I have quite a problem, I am using a windows box hyper terminal into a netra t1 105 box and am able to boot up and log into the system, however as i am on a windows box i dont have the stop-a button to press when i power it down so as to boot from cdrom, I am trying to do a clean install of solaris 9 onto this box. It seems the more searching I do on this topic the more I hit my head against a brick wall....any help would be appreciated
The best answer: I believe you're looking for the STOP+A equivalent on a serial line: send a BREAK signal on the serial line.
On some (but definitely not on all) windows versions, the bundled hyperterm can send a BREAK signal by
pressing "control + break". Last I've looked into this I tried Win95 and Win NT 4.0 (?), one hyperterm could
send a BREAK the other doesn't. But I don't remeber the details any more.
I just googled a bit, and this page suggest to upgrade hyperterm to some 5.0 revision, to enable the BREAK