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New bie: install java EE 5 tools bundle on windows server 2008 enterprise

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I installed jdk 1.6u7 in windows server 2008 enterprise with path set to c:\jdk\bin forder and JAVA_HOME=c\jdk
I downloaded java ee 5 tools bundle (with netbeans and without JDK) and execute it but after extracting file, it warned:
Java SE development kit was not found on this computer, Netbeans can not run without SDK blah blah...
It's strange. In other my computer (winxp SP2) I installed it in same way without problem.
Any hint please?
Thanks in advanced.
The best answer: Your other PC had the JDK (JSE) already installed.
You definitely need it. Yes, in my above thread I already said that I installed JDK 1.6u7 with path and JAVA_HOME variable configured properly.
What I'm missing here?
Please have me. I need your help
Thanks in advanced