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No recognition connecting w530 to Samsung Smart TV

Hello Everybody,
Im having issues trying to connect my computer to my smart tv.  I have a new samsung smart tv and a thinkpad w530.  I also have a 15ft mini displayport to HDMI cable (NOT converter just cable) from monoprice I just got in the mail today.  Set windows 8 up to duplicate the screen.  Neither the computer or the monitor can recognize that they are connected to something else... very frustrating.  I am trying suggestions in other threads to no avail.... I feel like im using my left hand here too because I used linux for like 3 years before I got this new computer.  I don't think I really know my way aroun windows 8 enough so I might be missing some very useful settings.
EDIT: want to add specifically what I have tried.  I tried changing graphics mode to discrete in BIOS.  Have set up screen to duplicate, not extend or anything.  Fixed resolution of separate screens back to normal (when I set to multiple monitors it shoots me down to the lowest one).  I also checked (via the control panel) for new NVIDIA drivers.  It said i already had the latest.  Im having a hard time finding the specific driver I need for the displayport for thr w530.  If you can provide this link, please do! I can't find it and it may end up helping me.
I think what I have tried to far will make sure it works once I get it to recognize the TV.  But it hasn't done anything to make me recognize the tv.  I want this to work very badly!
Thanks for any help,
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The best answer: Works perfectly. Tested in both clone mode (both laptop screen and TV) and TV-only (laptop disabled).  Did not try extend mode double-wide desktop), as I wouldn't normally want to operate that way with a laptop, but since all other modes operated perfectly I'm confident that extend mode would also have done so.
NOTE: Win7 Pro x64, nVidia 333.11 driver, "discrete graphics" enabled in BIOS.
With the W530 and 65VT50 powered off, I connected the miniDP->HDMI cable from W530 to HDMI4 on my 65VT50.  Then I powered on the TV.
Then I powered on the W530 (configured for boot screen to laptop LCD as always). Once the boot process completed, the Windows Welcome screen was present on both the laptop and the VT50.  Obviously the external TV had been recognized, and nVidia control panel (333.11) had automatically gone into "clone mode", with monitor 1 (laptop) being duplicated onto monitor 2 (TV).  I run with "discrete graphics" in the BIOS, and latest 333.11 nVidia driver installed.
After signing in to Windows, I noticed that "overscan" setting on the TV (for HDMI4) was wrong, and that the outer edge of the Windows desktop was not visible.  A quick visit to Setup on the TV, to change this from 95% to 100% solved that one, and the entire Windows desktop was now 100% visible.
I then visited nVidia Control panel and disabled the laptop, using only the TV.
I also visited the speaker icon in System Tray -> playback devices, and selected the TV's speakers rather than the laptop speakers.
I had to enable the TV's speakers with its audio setup, as I normally use an external sound system.  But this worked perfectly and I was able to get sound from the TV when playing video, system sounds, etc, exactly as expected.
Finally, just to confirm that the laptop was sending out 1080p to the TV, I double-checked in nVidia Control Panel:
I also confirmed on the TV itself (with the "info" button) and sure enough the TV was receiving 1080p from the laptop.
So... works perfectly for me, with my Panny 65VT50.  Now I did have to enable HDMI4 of course (as I normally have all HDMI inputs other than HDMI1 disabled, since that's all I ever use in my home theater setup).
Not one single hiccup or issue.  W530 (243852U) + K1000M.


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