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No video signal using mini dvi to vga adapter.

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I just bought a macmini,the last generation. Separately I bought on the apple store a mini dvi to vga adapter because when I bought the macmini I forgot to buy that....once the adapter arrived I tried to turno on the mini,everything seems to be normal,the mini works,the audio signal is normal and after the startup it asks me to choose the language,but the screen says there's no INPUT SIGNAL. I tried another mini dvi to vga adapter,the vga wire works with my pc so I didn't try another one,I tried the reset of the mini,nothing....do I have to try with "miniport to vga" adapter or is there something else I can try?
The best answer: I got my Mac Mini yesterday and I am having the exact same problem as you are having.
I've tried on two different TV's but it is just not sending a signal. Is it faulty?