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NVidia driver update seems to help stuttering playback...

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nVidia released a driver update on 8 Jan 09, ver 181.20
My system was usually very good, as far as playback anyway, but this driver seems to have gotten rid of the remaining stuttering.
For me, it was totally random. Same everything would be fine one day, and then stuttering the next, until I had played the timeline once or twice and then it would settle down. Now under 181.20, it is playing well first time, every time.
There are still some wonky things with Photoshop not recognizing the Open GL v.2.1.2 even though After Effects uses it fully, but overall, it seems like an improvement.
Thought folks would like to know about it...
The best answer: Interesting thread. I just downloaded the driver and installed it this evening.
It certainly improved things in some areas, although I cannot say that it made Premiere useable.
It did stop the 10-second GUI freeze-ups.
Video now plays with a very stuttery quality, until it hits an unrendered title overlay--then it smooths out and seems to play at full frame rate.
There are serious problems with the audio, however. Often there is no audio, or, shortly after playback begins, I get several loud bursts of white noise alternating at random in left/right channels. If I let it continue to play, I get a BSOD which states that a critical system process has stopped responding and Windows is being shut down to protect the system.
With this driver, Premiere CS4 is one small step closer to being usable, but still has a long way to go.
No problems noted in PhotoShop, but AfterEffects still crashes when OpenGL is enabled in AE. That's three nVidia driver updates I've done on this quad-core system, and all three of them are no good for OpenGL in AE. :(