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Opening a PDF file out of a project

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Hello there,
I am trying to open a PDF in Adobe Reader out of a Captivate
Project. I decided to do this through a clickbox. This clickbox is
set up to open an URL or a file. I decided, it has to open a PDF.
When I click on that clickbox, it opens my PDF file. So far so
good. But the PDF is opened by the Reader-Plugin, which is ebedded
in the Internet Explorer. That was not my intention.
My Question is now, what do I have to do to let the PDF file
open in the stand alone Adobe Reader?
Thanks in advance for your suggestions,
The best answer: Hi Markus
This is an issue that has been seen quite a bit in the web
world. If you were to Google the issue, you would also see it
exists for Microsoft Word too. Again, it's not something one may
configure easily. I do believe it stems from the File association
in Windows.
Yes, you may configure your Acrobat Reader so links to PDFs
from web pages open in the stand alone reader. But that's only
changing behavior for you. Not for others. How the PDF displays for
others is defined individually on their own PCs. My thoughts are
that if we could influence this behavior, what would stop a hacker
from influencing malicious behavior? And there, I believe, is the
Cheers... Rick