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Oracle 9i for Linux, disk 2, download fails

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Dear Oracle, can you please split up 9i to smaller pieces say
200 Meg each. This should reduce the failure rate. Just take
the cpio.gz file and use the split(1) command like this
split -b 200m Linux9i_Disk2.cpio.gz
My several attempts to download disk2 (about 700 meg) keeps
failing. I'm behind a DSL link and something between my box
and Oracle box gives up. I have downloaded Disk1 and Disk3, but
for some reason Disk2 keeps failing. Somebody is timing out or
reaching some buffer limit. Note that Disk2 is the largest.
In my case it only downloads about 400 Meg of it.
- Server name = oracle 9i Database
- Filename = Linux9i_Disk2.cpio.gz
- Date/Time = Sat, Feb 02 2002
- Browser + Version = Netscape 4.7
- O/S + Version = Linux RedHat 7.2
- Error Msg = Installation fails, connection drops
The best answer: MarGur wrote:
where do i download 9i for Linux 64bit???
I need it and I can't find it anywhere.
Please, let me know.Oracle E-Delivery Web site