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Oracle Reports - PDF report

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I have a PDF report designed using oracle report builder 6i. This report has a margin that prints the total of all the quantities to be ordered via a QUOTE. If this report prints beyond one page, then the total will print on all the pages. Users do not want to see the total on all the pages but only on the last page. I really need to keep these total fields on the MARGIN section of the layout. Is there any way, i can still keep these fields on the margin and print them only on the last page of the report? The report builder do not let me set the 'print condition' as the 'last page' because it is in the margin section. Any idea on this issue??
The best answer: I would create a trigger for your MARGIN totals so they print only on the last page.
Have the trigger return TRUE if current page = total pages, else return FALSE.
This will make sure your margin totals are only visible on the last page.