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Pavilion g6-1b70us. Picture but no sound from tv when using HDMI. Previously worked no problem.

I have a pavilion g6-1b70us that I am trying to hook up to my tv with an hdmi cable.  I get a picture, but no sound.  This previously worked with no problem.  When I pull up my sound playback settings the only options are speakers and headphones.  When I pull up my devices, the Samsung tv is there, but is described as a "generic monitor" (thought that was weird).  I have uninstalled and reinstalled my intel graphics driver and IDC audio driver but still no sound through TV.  Also, I will mention that in under control panel>devices and sounds there is a link to SRS Premium Sound.  As you can see in the picture below, the Samsung device shows up, but it is grayed out and cannot be selected. Can someone please help?
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The best answer: Well in case anyone is interested I fixed the issue (only took me 12 hours to figure out, lol).  Apparently even though the Samsung tv was not appearing in the sound playback options, you can still right click in the blank area and an enable/disable option will appear.