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Photoshop CS4 has started crashing my entire system

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Hey there, hopefully I can find a solution here that doesn't involve a full system dump and reinstall.
Photoshop started crashing on my today but not just the App - it takes down my whole system forcing me to do a "hold the power button for 5 seconds" shutdown and restart. The first crashes were when trying to convert a medium complexity selection into a work path. Then. after giving up on that even just opening an image, converting it into a layer so I could use the transform tool. As soon as I hit "cmd-T" the app locks and the system crashes forcing me to reset via the power button.
Nothing has changed, I haven't installed anything, downloaded anything, nothing at all. I'm on an iMac running the full master collection, Intel, maxed out RAM......CS4 has been running flawlessly since installation up until this. (Installed a few months ago). I reinstalled Photoshop from the disks but same thing happened.
The best answer: Chris Cox wrote:
I've got a 4870 in my MacPro (here at home, the one I'm typing on now) - and zero crashing with OpenGL on.
It is good to know that it's working well on your system, Chris.  Any suggestions for those of us who are having a problem?  Since we know it's neither universal nor isolated, what's the next step in diagnosing? I have no idea how to start nailing down what's at the root of the problem, but would really like to solve it -- or at the very least, help Adobe and/or Apple figure out what might be going on.
And if your symptoms are not EXACTLY the same as the original poster in a topic
: please start a new topic instead of adding confusion to the current topic.
Okay, sure, I didn't know that's how this forum works. Some forums prefer that you not make a new topic for every single issue or question if it's possibly related to another one already being discussed.  I'll gladly restart this as a new one if you think that's best at this point, or maybe an admin can split it off since it's grown already. Sorry about that.
(Just as a delicate side note: I'm sure it can be extremely frustrating reading tons of complaints by anonymous folks, many of which are off base and impolitely worded. I don't envy the position at all, especially if I were one of the creators of a product as amazingly powerful, intelligent, and elegant as Photoshop.  But for anyone representing Adobe in any way, it may be a good idea not to simply accuse a polite poster of "adding confusion," without at least politely apologizing for misreading/mischaracterizing the poster's post.  My post itself was indeed perfectly clear about what was crashing. A simple, "Sorry I misread your post; for clarity, we prefer that you start a new topic so different issues don't get confused," etc. would be great. Sure, a really minor thing, but it may help keep people happy with the company instead of thinking they're a little rude or dismissive. I sincerely appreciate your posting here.)
Anyway, as I finished typing this I saw your last reply to Brizdale (via email alert). So, is there any way for us to diagnose whether it's a driver or hardware issue? Or do we just have to wait for -- apparently -- Apple?  Or AMD?
Thanks again.