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PhotoshopCS5 crash: nVidia OpenGL error 8

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My Photoshop CS5 sometimes crashes and I get the error
The NVIDIA OpenGL driver lost connection with the display
driver and is unable to continue. The application must close.
Please visit http://www.nvidia.com/page/support.html for help.
Error code: 8
Searching arround I found that some other users have the same problem. But I could find no solutions. Just people moving from nVidia to AMD/ATI.
I would like to know: is there anything that could be done? I have the last nVidia drivers, I already tried to remove old drivers before installing new ones.
The strange thing is that this crash seems to happen just 1 time for session. After the first time it happens then I can work witout wondering when the crash will came making me loose part of the job I did...
Any help would be really wellcome.
The best answer: Yea i don't think OCing would matter. I cant reproduce my crash at will or i would play with it more and find a solution.
What i am leaning twords is the nvidia control panel settings.
Couple things i would do starting with set the "adjust Image Settings With preview"  set that option to Let the 3d application decide.
Now, try to crash it. if it crashes you go to step two.
Creating a photoshop spacific configuration so that you can mess with the setting and only effect photoshop under manage 3d settings.
i would change things like:
Now you can do this multiple ways. you can systematicly change each feature one at a time till you find a combo that you no longer crash under, or you can take a best guess shot at what features could be causeing the issue.
personally i would guess first .
"power management mode" i would set max preformance
Then i would see if i crash. if i do next i would
Everything with an off option, i would set off.
Then see if i crash, if i don't i have it half beat. start turning on options untill you find the one that crashes you.
if you still crash, then I see an ATI in your future.