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PHP MySQL Event Calendar that's DW friendly

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I've tried ExtCal 2.0 and I'm not satisfied. It's loaded with
features, but I want something that I can use my own page layout
template and drop in the calendar page code. DW can't preview
ExtCal pages properly in Design view to edit. I know PHP MySQL
reasonably well but I'm looking for something to automatically
generate the month/week/day views automatically. I'm rambling here
but anyone have any suggestions?
The best answer: I have been looking for a replacement for the old InterAKT
calendar extension. Adobe killed it whwn the bought InterAKT. I
need an extenstion that will help me create an event calendar for
my CMS websites. Or, I have to keep a copy of MX 2004 around just
to edit those pages.
If anyone ever finds a good calendar extension for creating
dynamic event calendars, please let us all know!!