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Plasma 5 and kinfocenter crash version opengl

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kinfocenter crash when i tried to see the opengl version, have someone this  problem  too?
The best answer: I had screen tearing, which is a compositing/buffering issue. I had screen flashing, where a square or rectangle section of one of my monitors (dual monitors) would flash white and then back to normal (compositing/repaint). On every second or third reboot, my second monitor would mirror my first monitor and I would have to go into nvidia-settings and move my second monitor back to it's original position. The only issue I haven't been able to fix is a blanking/repaint issue with conky, but I have a work around for that. All but the conky thing were fixed with the uninstall of kscreen and qt5graphicaleffects and the deletion of ~/.local/share/kscreen.