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"Please connect to the internet-"problem solved by the latest Muse-update

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Hi staff,
I'm happy to tell you that the former problem with the error message "Please connect to the internet…" when trying to start Muse is solved now by the latest update. At that time I talked to James Boag, he assumed Muse might not recognize my USB-modem (and I should try a different access point, which I didn't) but this is not an issue any more. When I launched Muse recently, it updated automatically and then started with no problems.
Thanks for the great work you've done in that matter.
The best answer: Hi arrakis13,
I’m afraid I cannot really help you.
I did not make any changes on my running system except that I’m on 10.8 Mountain Lion (upgraded from 10.6.8., no Lion in between), but this did not change the behavior of Muse at first. Only the update, which started automatically when I launched the app on August, 21, (still the trial version) caused the difference.
My firewall is on and in the firewall-options Muse has allowance for incoming connections, see the attached screenshot (sorry, in german, but you will understand the meaning). Airport is not active and I did not change my way to connect to the internet (as James Boag from Adobe suggested earlier, see also attached mailing). It just worked.
Meanwhile I upgraded to the official version (2.0.945) and still it works.
Hope you find a solution.
Am 03.09.2012 um 04:18 schrieb arrakis13 <[email protected]>:
Re: "Please connect to the internet…"problem solved by the latest Muse-update
created by arrakis13 in Adobe Muse Bugs - View the full discussion
This is still happening for me.  I downloaded the beta yesterday and am on 10.7.  I run software update but Muse is not showing up as having an update.  My firewall is not running.  Any suggestions on how I can get this running would be much appreciated.
Please let me know.
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