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Port forwarding difficult to set up, or doesn't wo...

Hello, I have a BT Home Hub 5 and needed to forward the ports for a couple of programs i use. Terefore i went  on 192.168.254 to set up the forwarding of the ports.
Before that set up a static Ip in the router in the classic way (cmd - ipconfig all - copied all the addresses), then i selected in the programs list the program i needed to have (was already in the list so no need to dd a new one) but has been useless. Everything seems nice, but simply it doesn't work. It worked only once, then the day later came back as before.
Anyone can give me an hand? I read somewhere that this procedure in the router page has some bugs.
Thank you very much
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The best answer: mrblue wrote:
It worked now!! I made a mistake before, i enabled the "use this ip address" but then i should have connect the new game NOT to my pc but to the user defined ip! That was the static one defined before in my pc
Thank you keith
Exactly !
Device names will normally fail, that seems to be a common "feature" of all the home hubs, and most other routers expect you to use the device IP that you have reserved in the DHCP table, or set as a static IP address, outside of the DHCP range. It could be a leftover from the "SpeedTouch" code that seems to underpins the core of all the home hubs, starting from the home hub 1, which I have.
This is where most people seem to fail, when it comes to port forwarding on the home hub.
Sometimes you can get away with it and it will appear to work for a while, but then it fails. I hear so many people complaining on this forum that it does not work, which is why I put together my guides, based on my own experience, and other forum users.
If you have set an IP address on your PC, outside of the DHCP range, then the option "always use this IP address" is not relevant, and could cause problems.
There are some useful help pages here, for BT Broadband customers only, on my personal website.
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