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Printer Problem Solved!

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I was happily printing valentines for my grandchildren when all of a sudden my Epson Stylus N11 would not go. The printer icon in the dock bobbled and the message said the printer did not recognize the ink cartridges! Very weird. So I turned the printer off and on and then when I tried to print the message said the computer was unable to communicate with the printer. Restarting my iMac did nothing.
That was very alarming. Did this mean the printer was malfunctioning? Would I need to go out and buy a new one?
Then I went to my preferences in my home folder and deleted everything that said printer or Epson. Restarted the computer. Problem solved! The symptoms seemed to indicate a problem with the printer itself, fortunately it was not. I thought this might be useful to share.
The best answer: Hello Lars,
i agree with you that the v2.00 of the UFR2 driver works. I have been recommending it for a while now in this forum.
However, during my testing I found that it did not always work perfectly on 10.6 and it did not support all the models of Canon iR. So while it is currently working to your iRC4580, it may not be your final solution because it was not designed to work with 10.6 and I just wanted to make others who read your post aware of this.
Also, because the driver does not officially support 10.6, I was suggesting this as an explanation why Canon
Europe had not posted the same.
One final note. For the sake of other readers If the iRC4580 had an imagePASS-H1 print controller attached, rather than using the internal Canon board, then the UFR2 driver cannot be used.
Hope this clears things up. Like I said, I wasn't disagreeing with you. i was just trying to answer some of the items you raised.