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PROBLEM SOLVED!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just spent 9  hours straight on this, but will was stronger than "its". Now I have  both cs4 and cs5, but hopefully it will work if you just have cs5 as  well. I also did not try runnning cs5 installer first after implementing  the fix, maybe that will work too..And when getting the cs5 error, I  went to re-install cs4 but got an error as well so that is why I took  the steps I did. On 7x64 do the followin
First  run the cs5 cleanup tool and reboot.
Second,  go into c:\program file(x86)\common files\adobe\installers . Delete  everything in it
Then go into you registry  (start, run, then type regedit) and expand to this registry key:  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer\UserData\S-1-5-18\ Components  ...(if this isnt there, try an install again, then go to the folder  that you deleted the files from a moment ago and extract the log from  the zip file and open it and go to the end. where it says error 1402  will be followed by a unknown\components\(a bunch of numebers right  here)\(more numbers)  ...
Copy the numbers  directly after the components\ and go back into registry and click edit  then "find" paste those numbers into the box and hit find..when you get  to the key, scroll ALL the way back up to components again. Right click  components and hit permissions.. Go to advanced and then the ownership  tab up top.. click edit, hightlight administrator(s), check the box to  "replace subcontainers" and click apply. respond yes to everything and  close that and hit apply again if asked. then click the add button above  the advanced button you just clicked. when the new box appears, click  advanced and then click find now. Highlight Administrators and SYSTEM  and hit OK. Then give both of them full rights and hit apply. Then click  advanced again and in the first window check the box that says "replace  all child objects...." and hit apply. accept the prompts and hit okay.
Now  go into c:\windows and on the system32 folder, right click and go to  properties. Go to the security tab. Click advanced and then "owner" and  click edit. highlght administrators and check the box "replace all child  object....." again and hit apply.... 
Now give  Administrators, SYSTEM, AND TrustedInstaller full rights by clicking  edit above the advanced tab in the first properties box.. Then click  advanced again and in the first window click replace all child  object....." again and hit apply.... 
Now  do the same for the winsxs folder and (for good measure i did syswow64  but not sure if its necessary)... 
Now you should  be able to install both versions..(as i said, I installed cs4 first,  maybe it was not necessary)... 
If you dont  like the idea of just blindly giving administrators full rights to all  system folders, you can spend MANY MANY hours running the installs over  and over and getting the faulty registry value that caused it to fail  and create specific permissions for that and then go on to the next  value that fails......what a pain 
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The best answer: Thank you for this.
I have been trying to install CS5 MC now for weeks. I first got it to install everything except After Effects and Premiere Pro. Then trying to follow all the suggestions on this forum I wound up not being able to install any part of it at all. Now..
Well...following your kind suggestions as much to the letter as I could I have now been able to install everything...except Affter Effects and Premiere Pro. Sigh.
At least I can get back to work on everything that doesn't require AE and PPro.  I still need to get them installed and working.