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Problem solving expertise appreciated. What does a MacPro do in its initial booting phase?

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My MacPro 3.1 (2008) with 20 Gb Ram does no longer want to boot. I checked the harddrive (startup disc), it is OK (my MacBook) boots from it. I checked the ram, it appears to be OK. When I push the power button the fan begins to work, red lights appear shortly on the RAM circuit boards and they go out again but then nothing happens. Monitor does not wake up, there is no start up chime, machine appear unresposive to any keyboard commands.
Anyone can tell what may be wrong, what the cause is why the MacPro does no longer want to boot and what could possibly be done about it?
So some Problem solving expertise and advice is higlhly appreciated. I really like to know what exactly does a MacPro do in its initial booting phase? Information that could bring life b to my well respected grand-old lady.
The best answer: Conventional wisdom is that you get nowhere until you get the chime.
For that reason, the approved method is to remove everything that could possible be dragging down power and test the absolute minimum configuration, hoping to get the chime. Once it chimes, you slowly build it back up. adding one part at a time until you find something faulty or it "comes clean".
Disconnect AC power and remove:
graphics card
All other PCIe cards
All Hard drives
All Optical drives
All RAM -- then check for the power light blinking
next step is to restore one pair of DIMMs and try for the chime.
Then more DIMMs
Then graphics card, etc.