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Problem With Turning On My iPOD Mini

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Hello. I just got my new iPOD Mini. I had to send in my old one because it had received the "sad ipod icon". So, the service went smoothly, and I recieved it back within a week. Everything seemed to in order, except for one thing.
Ususally, with an iPOD, all you have to do to turn it on is press the play button. However, with my iPOD Mini, you actually have to reset it everytime. I have tried toggling the hold switch, and I have even restored it to factory sealed condition twice, but it still needs to be reset! At one point in time, I got a VERY different screen where it wanted me to run these tests. It ended up disappearing, but I was baffled by it. I have also recieved a message on my computer saying that my iPOD is corrupt, and I need to restore it, which I did, but it did not take care of the issue.
I am still under the 90 day return policy, and I was wondering if I should return it, or if I have somehow placed the iPOD into a weird setting everytime I restore it. Any help would be appriciated. Thank you for your time.
The best answer: AliasailA, you are kidding, right??
You cannot use someone else's serial number or Apple Care Plan--it doesn't work that way.
I noticed you had another post that said the mini was given to you and has a "sad face icon" and out of warranty. Hummmm.
You really have to send that mini in for repair/replacement or consider it a lost cause. Maybe it is time to buy an iPod Nano for yourself.