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Problems with sudo on Solaris 8

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Greetings all,
I am trying to set up user accounts with scripts that will restart services, should they fail. I am setting up the default shell as the script that I want to have run when they log in and at the completion it will kick them off. A nice secure way to get things going again without our network operations people getting their hands dirty.
I am attempting to use sudo for this and it keeps asking for a password even though I have put in the ALL=NOPASSWD tag in the sudoers file for this users entry. When I enter the users password it is not correct and when I enter root it is not correct and in the end it will not run the script. I need to somehow bypass this asking of a password and get sudo to run the command. This is to restart our SunOne messaging server and will likely be applied to various other processes.
Any suggestions are appreciated. I have checked the sudo site and checked the config.h from the compile and had no luck so it is not the shadow passwords issue that they list on their support site. I also tried to download and use the precompiled package that they had on SunFreeware, but that will not install on to any of these servers... can't get pkgadd to acknowledge it as a solaris package.
Thank you in advance!
Lee Stevens
The best answer: Try to remove this disk from server and insert in again.
Then run devfsadm command.