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R/3 ISA B2B:  Catalog Views

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Hello experts in the group,
I need to create catalog views for R/3 ISA B2B application. I have to use cross division 00 to handle multiple sales areas and I want to address these divisions using catalog views. I already have one of the four product catalogs that we would need, in place.
I have tried to use followed SAP Notes:
696095: ISA R/3 4.0: Collective note on Catalog Views
695978: How to create function modules for ISA R/3
677319: Coding sample assignment of customers to views
677320: Coding sample catalog item assignments to views
610393: Example for using catalog exit after read
Note 837119, that was referenced by SAP Help but I could not find.
Problem is, despite spending all that time and effort, I am not able to make much headway here. I would really appreciate if someone could help me out here and tell me how to create a catalog view. I needs to reference this catalog view to a few layout areas and items in the product catalog, and then assign it to a webshop where a customer (who has access to the web shop) can see only these products that are contained in the view.
Thanks in Advance,
Biren Bugati
The best answer: Hi Biren,
I simply went to t.code SRMO (Search Server Relation Monitor) and went to <i>Index Category (index)</i> tab. There I searched for all indexes and painstakingly deleted each one, one by one by clicking "Delete Category." I'm not sure if this is the right way to do it, but it worked in the end. After deleting all indexes when I executed ISA_CAT_REPLICATION tcode, instead of error code 2007, I saw a green indicator light, and "No documents in deletion pending status" text.
The TrexAdmin tool that I am using is Python based and delivered with TREX itself. Its in /sap/usr/trex<instance_number>/python_support/TrexAdmin.py
You can find more info about how to launch and use this tool here:
Hope this helps.
By the way, I didn't know about ISA_CAT_REPL_DELETE and TREXADMIN tcodes. Do you have a list of all ISA-relevant tcodes?