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Reg Copying of Shito Shipping Condition in a Sale Order

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In the cusomer master for a Sold to there will be different Ship To say "A" Sold To has c,d,e Ship to and also A itself is the sold to as well and sipping condition maintained for Sold To is "1" when you create a slae order with Sold to and Ship to being "A" the shipping condition will be picked as "1" fine.
But for 'B,C&E" different Condtions willbe maintained as "1,2 &3" respectivel as a seperate customer master with Ship To Account Group as Ship To account so now when you create a Sale Order with Sold to as "A" and Ship To as "B" the shipping condition is selected as "1" from Sold To Customer Master this is as per SAP standard but when we want to make in such away that Shipping Condition need to be selected from the Ship To of "B" (ie) "2" how do we handle this.
The best answer: As you said, Shipping conditions will pick form Sold party only in standard, But if you want to pick form Ship to party then you have to try with User Exit only there is no standard for this., and Shipping conditions from sales document is the first priority than the sold to customer so remove from Sales Document and check with User Exit with the help of ABAPer (Include - MV45AFZZ)
Check the below notes and in forum to get more details
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