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Rradeon HD 7690 dual-graphics doesn't work in hp pavilion dv6z-6c00 cto quad edition laptop?

I recently purchased an HP Pavilion dv6z-6c00 CTO Quad Edition Entertainment Notebook PC from HP's online store. The laptop was customized with a  Radeon HD 7690M discrete graphics card. There is a "dual-graphics" feature that allows a program to be configured to use either the low-power integrated graphics (a Radeon HD 6520G) or the high-performance discrete graphics (the Radeon HD 7690M). However, even when I set a program to use "high performance graphics", the program refuses to use anything but the low-power integrated graphics. When I use ATI's driver, it calls the card a "6700 series", and the card still does not work; when using HP's driver, it calls it the proper name, but the ATI Catalyst Control Center does not work (necessary to assign programs to the discrete card). There is no setting in BIOS to set the computer to use either card exclusively: in fact, there are no graphics settings, period.
Some examples of the games I have tried are:
- Minecraft (I know OpenGL does not work with Dynamic Graphics)
- Portal 2 (Direct X, so should work in theory)
Will I have to get the "special" BIOS update (outdated) that adds the setting for graphics switching?
The best answer: I suggest dowloading and installing the latest driver for the radeon HD graphics module from the web support portal for your notebook.
What is the p/n for your notebook? (you can remove the main battery and get it from there or from the HP Support Assistant)
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