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S David I have 2 licens for cs5.5 and have serial number . I cancelled if from my computer (windows 8 operation system)  i just purchased a mac i mak all in one computer and want to install my cs5.5 on it ... i need a download link to do this can you help

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I have 2 license for cs5.5    I am using one on my Windows 8 operating system... the other I cancelled and want to put it on a new apple operating system  /... can you give me the link to down it to my new apple all in one computer???  Please HELP>  send download link or call me 2 850.501.1499   mor send seperate e-mail  to   [email protected] THANKS   DAVID
The best answer: Hi David,
I would like to inform you that if you have a Mac serial number with you, only then you would be able to activate it on your Mac machine.
Here is the download link for the same.
Adobe CS5.5
Atul Saini


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