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1099 vendor definition


Urgent!!! 1099 vendor reporting issues.

Hi SAP Gurus,   I have few issues on 1099 reporting I wonder if anyone could help address these below issues. 1. I did all the configuration for 1099 reporting on vendor master and I am running RFW1099M and RFIDYYWT programs to see the cleared vendor

1099 Vendor ??

Is there a need to activate Withholding tax functionality when creating or reporting 1099 vendors if there is no tax withheld? Can we just create the 1099 by filling the fields of tax numbers ? Is there anything else that is reqquired for creating 10

1099 vendors, S_PL0_09000314 - 1099-Misc

Hi, I have an issue while running the S_PL0_09000314 - 1099-Misc report. I created a test 1099 vendor, by maintaining (1) tax number under tax information and (2) Witholding tax code 07 for the vendor. With these settings, I posted an invoice and pai

With holding tax base amount for 1099 vendors with discounted payment term

Hi Friends, We have a below situation for 1099 vendors, Some of the 1099 vendors are set-up in the system with payment term with discounts i.e. 2% if paid within 10 days As per config, system posts with holding tax base amount at the time of posting

1099 Vendors

Please try to understand my question here. I am not asking where is the integration point between AP and payroll, I know it is the personnel number entered in vendor master. Here is the scenario. Payroll  in SAP maintains the withholding taxes calcul

Handling expenses for 1099 vendors

Hi, We are live with ECC 6.0 and have a requirement that the company business expenses, such as travel etc. that are paid out to 1099 vendors must NOT be included in the 1099 report at year end.   In the old system, we handled this using two vendor m

Importance of 1099 vendors.

HI sap guru's             could any one pls clarify the diff b/w vendor and 1099 vendors. is there any specific reasons toser vendor as a 1099 vendor. pls give some real time examples. thanks in advance. regards, sivaHi Siva Reddy, A vendor is an ent

Some 1099 vendors get "No records were selected" RFIDYYWT RFW1099M

Hello People,   I have a problem with 1099 output with programs like RFIDYYWT and RFW1099M as I have done all the customizing settings for 1099 vendors in vendor master like setting up WH tax code and filling up tax number field xx-xxxxxxx in order t

1099 Vendors - print forms

Hello,    Kindly let me know the procedures to print misc forms for 1099 vendors for the beginning of 2009. We have a bunch of 1099 vendors. I have never worked on this before so will apHello, If you want to print the 1099 report with the 2008 layout

1099 vendors - details required

hello,    business wants to generate 1099 for their 1099 vendors. I have never worked on this aspect of FI, please let me know in details , the procedures behind this, I will be glad to provide more information if required. Thanks very much.Hi, Check

Transfer payable from one 1099 vendor to another?

Hi all, We're trying to put SAP's 1099 functionality in place for 2011 (first time we're using it).  We have it working about 99% correctly, but there's one scenario where the system isn't calculating the vendors' base amount as we would expect it to

1099 vendors report!!!!!!!!

Hi Gurus HI, We are on ECC 6.0. We would like to generate the following report in SAP: 1). S_P00_07000134 - Generic Withholding Tax Reporting When we run these transaction, we get error that no data is selected. Can anyone throw light on what we are

Duplicate 1099 Vendors

Hi, We have some vendors who have the same TIN numbers but different addresses. When filing with IRS for 1099, do we need to combine the amounts for each of the duplicate vendors or send it separately? Thanks. S.VijayWe had some what similar situatio

1099 Credit Card Vendors

We have vendors that are paid via the procurement card that are classified as 1099 vendors. As such new IRS rules state that even though the actual payment to the vendor comes from the bank, we are required to include the payment amounts in the 1099

Vendor 1099 reprting issue

Hi When i run the 1099 vendor reprt. It just shows the vendor and his Tax id. How ever when i lcik the line items it doesnt show the witholding tax amout and other deails. I have maintained the tax  number nadthe witholding tax code in vendor master.

1099 information for mid year go live

Hello guys, How to capture the payments made to 1099 vendors until go live in SAP. At go live we only load open items. How do we integrate payments from Legacy (until go live) and payments from SAP (after go live) to generate the 1099s from SAP syste

Changing Withholding tax base amount- 1099 payment

The scenario is: Classic withholding tax functionality to be used for first time, the configuration was done last year. 1099 needs to be printed with all payments made out to the vendor. There were payments made out to the Vendor in year 2011. There

Using 1099 MISC Reporting

Hi Friends, Client is using ECC 6. We updated vendor master with 1099 information in witholding tax field, one month after we went live. Entries were posted in 1099 vendors, and it gave us warning message <b> "Postprocess open items after chang

1099 & other related reports

Hi Gurus We are on ECC 6.0.  We would like to generate the following reports in SAP: 1. S_ALR_87012142 - Postcard Printout of 1099 Vendor Addresses for Tax Code Request 2. S_ALR_87012143 - 1099 Listings 3. S_PL0_09000314 - 1099-Misc 4. S_ALR_87012145

Vendor reports

Hi all, I have to make a report with vendors with their tax code. Tax code 1(social security) and tax code 2 (Tax ID number) and total amount paid  my the firm  till date as we have to issue 1099.Misbah, Use Generic Withholding report transaction S_P