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Happy Holidays.  I have Adobe Actobat 7.0 Standard for quite a while, and I'm happy with it. I use it for mainly filings at the federal court.  They require PDF.  I use two computers in two different states for work.  I realize my Adobe 7.1 is a few years

.  I have Adobe Actobat 7.0 Standard for quite a while, and I'm happy with it. I use it for mainly filings at the federal court.  They require PDF.  I use two computers in two different states for work.  I realize my Adobe 7.1 is a few years old, but

Qosmio X300-13G - Cannot connect to WLan router using N draft

Hi I've bought a Qosmio X300-13g (the only one availabe on Portugal :/ ) and i've tried to connect it to a wirelles N network, but I always receive an error: windows couldn't connect 'cause the defenitions of the router are different from yours... We

Qosmio X770-13G - Slow WLan internet connection

Dear all, I just bought a Qosmio X770-13G with Windows 7. WIFI data transfer is very slow, even when using a high speed AP (tried it on more than one location) and after disabling the anti-virus program. Using the Config Free program shows 6Mbps seco

13g 110dx

Hello All of You, my Hp splitx2 13g-110dx (Best Buy ) win 8.1 operating system, the on screen keyboard does not appears automatically if i tap the screen. Has anybody a solution? I see that it is a common problem at these model. Thank you and have a

Satellite C50D-A-13G affects Wi-Fi connection of other devices

Hi all, first post and a problem, like most I guess !! Bought my first W8 Laptop Tosh Satellite C50D-A-13G The wifi is driving me mad When it does connect to my BT wifi,, all other devises in the house loss their wifi connection,, Seams this new lapt

Re: Where can I find XP drivers for Satellite L40-13G PSL40E

Please help me, Where can i find drivers for L40-13G (PSL40E) for winXP? In service http://ru.computers.toshiba-europe.com/cgi-bin/ToshibaCSG/download_drivers_bios.jsp?service=RU i found only "Installation Instructions" with filter by WinXP.It s

Im trying to download a movie from itunes and it says i dont have enough memory. I can see that I have 13G in icloud but i dont know how to add the movie to that memory

Hi, Im trying to download a movie from itunes to my ipad 2 but it says i dont have enough memory. I have 13G of space on icloud but cant figure out how to down load it to icloud. Can anyone advise please.Hi back, Icloud cannot be used to increase int

Satellite L40-13G: Bios not updating on Vista SP1

I have a Satellite L40 13G and the latest Bios update refuses to update. I'm trying to update my BIOS because the laptop freezes randomly at times and I have "graphics" issues where games lag where there's any form of an explosion such as gunfir

Satellite L855-13G - cannot use the Webclaim service

Hello, I bought a Toshiba Satellite L855-13G (PSKACE-04Y00CFR) in France last year but this computer is already causing me troubles! The graphic card is making noise, one of the USB port is not working and now, without any software change, the comput

Paste Hyperlink into Adobe Acrobat  to Read SEC Edgar Filings [iOS]

In using an iPad, is there a way to paste a hyperlink into Adobe Acrobat Reader  that will open a document and allow all the features of  Reader to be utilized?Hi Dennis, You cannot paste a hyperlink into the Adobe Reader/Acrobat DC for iOS app.  But

Satellite L855 - 13G - can not adjust the brightness after update to Win8

Hello After update to windows 8 , and installed the latest AMD driver on Toshiba site, I can not adjust the screen brightness using the Fn F2 or F3. In this thread : http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=69752&tstart=

Satellite L40-13G - need more powerful battery

Hello! My current battery No is PA3591U-1BRS. I need a battery that can provide me more than 2 hours of working. Can you advice me something? Thanks!Hello As you know Toshiba offers more powerful batteries for some notebook models. More powerful batt

Satellite C50D-A-13G switches off when unplugged

Hello I have a new laptop but when I unplug it from the mains or switch the mains off it turns off immediately. The icon in the bottom right however says it is fully charged. Is there a way to fix this or is the battery broken? ThanksHi. I have the e

Why are the 8 apps installed on my iPod taking up 13G of space?! (The largest one is supposedly only 57mb)

So I have 8 apps installed on my iPod right now and for some reason after I deleted one very large app (I had 9 apps) the space used on my iPod actually increased??? The larges app that I've installed only takes up about 57mb of space so I'm very con

Re: Satellite C50D-A-13G - boot from HDD only, can't install Win on new SSD

I recently bought a SSD to improve performance a little, I of course want to install Windows onto this. The problem is that while the laptop recognises that the SSD is there, it only tries to boot from it, which it can't of course because it is blank

How to update BIOS on Satellite L40-13G

Hello everybody!! I want to update my BIOS, but doesn't know how to do it. I looked instruction on a site: Option 2: Update with CD-ROM 1. Extract the zip file containing the BIOS upgrade to a temporary folder. 2. In the temporary folder three sub fo

Satellite Pro U400-13G: Modem driver install failed

Hi I have tried to install the drivers for my modem provided from toshiba, but after running the install utility the setup says that the installation has faild. I've also tried using drivers provided by driveragent.com, as well as Windows Update, the

Memory leak in Solaris 10?

Dear all, I have installed and configured a Solution Manager 4.0 system SPS 15  on a Solaris 10 T2000 SPARC hardware with 8 core CPUs and 32 GB of RAM. The database is Oracle   My Java virtual machine version is 1.4.2_17. When I start the s

9i installation problem on win2k

setup.exe does not work for my Win2k (CPU-1G, RAM-256M, HD-13G, 5G free space)with service package 3(actually, it runs and stops without any information). I also tried to run setup from ..\Disk\install\win32\setup and renamed the symcjit.dll to symcj

MS-6167 Memory Upgrade half being detected

Hi, I built an Athlon K7 900mhz pc some years ago with Win XP, 128 MB RAM, 13G hard drive, award bios ver 1.6 (latest one) and now want to upgrade ram.  I know this board goes up to 768mb ram but I can't find any info on MSI's website regarding this