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Java Types Conversting & Casting .

Hi All ! Really i do have two questions regarding Java Type Conversion and Casting and hope i would find (good) answers : [Q1:] why it's legal to convert(implicitly) from ( long --> float ) and this is said to be a widening conversion even if the siz

Windows 2008 R2 Doesn't Allow DPI (Font Size / Scaling) Changes on Remote Sessions

I am using latest version of RDP Client 6.1  from my local Windows 7 Enterprise system, as well as RDP Client 6.1 from a Windows 2008 R2 server. When I connect to other Windows 2008 R2 servers, I am unable to increase the DPI settings.  In Control Pa

The Backcolor of the text field

Hi All, I want to know color code  for Edit Text when my EditText.Enabled=False Thanks in advanceHi, i guess you made a mistake in calculating the hex code to decimal. RGB -> You have always 6 positions RGB - 255, 255, 255 = (in Hex) FFFFFF = 16,777,

Byte into bit array?

I want to implement a little compression programm, and I have to convert the byte array, in which I read a file into a bit array, because I have to be able to change single bits in that array. 1.Is there a wrapper class? 2.How many bits does the clas

Serial Port Communication RS232 - byte transmission

I am involved to write a driver which would communicate with an electronic weigh scale. I am intrigued with a fundamental question. As we know that a primitive byte is used to store data within the range from -2^8 to 2^8-1 or to say betw -128 and 127

Possible to supply a hex value to solid's color property?

I know the AE Scripting Guide specifies that we have to supply an array of RGB values if we wish to change a solid's color property.  I'm just curious if it is possible to supply a hex value in lieu of an RGB array.  Does anybody have any experience

Help needed in understanding conversion alghorithm from byte to hex

Hi, I'm studying the following code: public static char[] byteToHex(byte[] data) {   char[] retValue = new char[data.length * 2];   int value = 0;   int highIndex = 0;   int lowIndex = 0;   for (int i = 0; i < retValue.length; i++) {     value = (dat

Numeric or value error: hex to raw conversion error , pls help

I am having problem with a sproc which accepts a Raw parameter. I have a table called Profile: CREATE TABLE PROFILES PROFILEID INTEGER NOT NULL, USERID INTEGER NOT NULL, PROFILE RAW(255) and a sproc named addprofile CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE addpro

Convert RGB to hex!! (Help!)

Hello programmers, i've have a problem... i get the rgb values of a color easily by getRGB() or getRed(),.... but do not know how to convert them (Example 255,255,255)to #rrggbb value (hexadecimal value)(like in photoshop)... can anyone help me in fi

Dw Change table background colour from hex to rgb impossible

If you want to change the background colour (properties) in a table from HEX to RGB, it is impossible, because the buttons are without function. Is this a bug? Or is this intended?Don't forget the A for alpha-transparency .your_table_rule { backgroun

SAP BO Data Services - Bits Are One - O - f O hex operator

Hi Gurus, I need to implement the Bits Are One - 'O' Bit Sequence Comparison opertor in SAP BO Data Services. The equivalent in SAP ABAP would look like:   IF <b> O hex01. ftab-inp = on. ENDIF.   IF <b> O hex02. ftab-req = on. ENDIF.   IF <

DHCP Server with the strange MAC address at the same time. This MAC address is HEX IP address!

Server version: Windows server 2008 R2 Ent. Structure of DHCP scopes: Two DHCP server 50% to 50% all allocation for per scopes. Question: Sometimes the DHCP server allocate the IP address at the same time to the a strange MAC address per  IP  address

Exporting correct Hex colors via scripting

Hello all, I need to export the fillColor of a paragraph style via scripting. I can get the fillColor property of the paragraph style, and can also convert CMYK to Hex. However, I do realize that the color values shown in InDesign are in whatever Col

Hex colour shift from Indd to PH, both assigned sRGB

Hi everyone. I am doing some wire framing in indesign with buttons and other colours. I would like to keep everything pretty tight so when I use anything graphics from indesign and place them in photoshop I want the hex values to match. I have assign

[CS5 - JS] Convert InDesign colors to Hex

Hi, I assembled the following functions in order to convert InDesign colors to theyr hex value. I tested it with some colors but RGB conversion is not working as expected. function colorToHex(color, tint){     switch(color.space){         case ColorS

Unicode Hex to Char

Hi there, I have an hex variable that I want to move to a Char variable. DATA: x_var(255) type X,       c_var(255). MOVE x_var to c_var. I normally used the command MOVE, but my application needs to be unicode compliant and I receive a warning saying

Error in RSMO:Record 1745 :Value '43351 20k ' (hex. '0034003300330035003100

Hi,   we have reconstructed the stocks cube 0IC_CO3 by filling setup tables in R/3 ,We then pulled the data till PSA level as the amount of data was huge(14 Million records).I schedule the IP to push data from PSA to Data target,I am encountering an

Simple question about hex

Hi, I got this question : The hex-value FF == 256 and 00 is == 0 right? When we use hex-values to describe colors we work in a range between 0 and 255, so how is FF interpreted then? from 0 to 256 we got 257 values don't we? Regards, OlekOlek_ wrote:

Getting all blacks to be 000000 (hex)

This is driving me batty. A couple of days ago I realized that the black silection box is not hex black. Is there a way to get it to be black (#000000)? I am rather upset about this because all of my images from the last two months (over 100) now nee

More than 255 characters required in excel send as attachment in mail.

Hi Experts, I have a requirement to send displayed list in an ALV report as attachment in excel through mail. I have used FM SO_DOCUMENT_SEND_API1. Now the problem is my excel data in more than 255 characters in a line. It is about 400 characters.But