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How do you ungroup or expand a pie chart in Adobe Illustrator CS6?

How do you ungroup or expand a pie chart in Adobe Illustrator CS6? This functionality seems to have been removed. Say I'd like to remove the legend: before, I could ungroup the chart, release its link to the data, and then delete the legend with my w

Can Illustrator calculate percentages for a pie chart?

Or do I have to go to Excel (which I can barely use) and enter the numbers there to get my percentages? Thanks.?  What gives you the impression that we're wasting time? LauraHaywood wrote: I do know how to Google for such answers. Please excuse the a

Illustrator CS5 won't save pie chart

I created a pie chart in Illustrator 5 using a much-loved Veerle tutorial ... drew a square, entered my data, created pie, applied gradient colors and a 1 pt white stroke between the pieces. Hit save, and got this message: "Can't save the file."

Illustrator CC errors reopening docs with pie charts

I created some sample pie charts for a client - had no problems with the document while it was open. It saved fine, I even saved it as an EPS. However, when I try to reopen the document, it gives me an error (whether I open the illustrator or eps fil

Copy pie chart to Indesign

I need to copy pie charts created in Illustrator into an indesign doc. I've done it before. But now,  coopy/paste to Indesign doesn't work. What am I missing."Paste" just doesn't seem to have anything to paste. I have a pie chart in Illustrator,

Issues converting Pie Chart to 3D

Hello all, I am having issues within Illustrator CC.  I created a Pie Chart and found a tutorial on how to convert it to 3D.  Unfortunately whenever I Extrude and Bevel it, nothing happens.  I turn preview on...no change.  Nothing I am doing will con

CS2 @ Win XP: Pie charts not closed

Hi all, I have a pretty urgent problem with pie charts in Illustrator CS2 Here is what I do - Start Illustrator - create new document - select pie chart from tools - draw a rectangle for my chart - in the poped up window, I enter these values: 330 19

Saving individual 3D pie chart slices

I want to create an animated pie chart...with individual slices appearing one at a time.  I will do the actual annimation outside of Illustrator (likely in Flash or Motion).  The question is...after making a pie chart, can I save each slice as an ind

Is it possible to a make a semi-pie chart in Keynote???

I'm working on a documentary film about Germany in the early thirties. And to show the NSDAP share of parliamentary seats in the last election (March 1933), I was hoping to use a semi-pie rather than a full circle or full pie. Since the semi-pie is s

Rugged lines in Pie chart

Hi, When i create pie chart in MS Excel and copy it to illustrator and remove unwanted elements and again export it to QuarkXpress/InDesign in .EPS format, in transparent mode. I get a rugged cirle lines. When everything is done and the PDF of the fi

How can I evenly space wedges from an exploded pie chart?

I'm creating a pie chart widge exploded wedges in Illustrator CS3 but I'm having trouble keeping all the wedges aligned evenly. Does anyone have any tips on doing this? My eyeing attempt is terrible.I think the best way is by eye and if you are tryin

Why does a excel pie chart fail to import as vector elements?

Hello. I' m importing Excel 2008 excel pie charts to illustrator CS5. I am cutting and pasting content between the applications to import. When importing a pie chart - the chart imports OK, but the pie elements import as low resiolution non-vector el

Reporting Services in 2005 Secondary Pie Chart?

   Hi,          In 2008 and 20012, secondary pie charts with a percentage threshold from a main pie chart can be easily created. Is it possible to do in 2005? *CustomAttributes Thanks.Hi Robb, It seems that you are using Dundas Chart Control for SQL

Need help to make a Pie Chart

I am trying to draw a pie chart for the Uptime Report. I have the Following table definition. create table downtime_detail ( env_code number, down_start date, down_end date ); insert into downtime_detail values (1,to_date('26-JAN-2008 02:00:00','DD-M

No data in Active sessions pie-chart and availability is 0%

Hi All, Does anyone know why my Enterprise Manager cosole in Oracle 10g installed on windows xp professional is not showing any data? Availabilty is always 0% for the instance ORCL and the active sessions pie-chart is always showing 0.01 since May 17

PIE chart report for planned, Actual and variants cost

Hi Gurus, Is there any report provides information of Plan cost, Actual cost and Variants cost for sales order or production Plan in PIE CHART format or any other chart diagram. Regards, Ram KrishnaHello, Go to relevant S_ALR* report. For example exe

ActiveX and pie chart problem

I am trying to create a bar of pie chart in Excel 2003. I am able to insert my data and create the chart, but I need to set the "SplitValue" to 6. I was able to find the property for doing this but I get an error when I run the vi (see attached)

SSRS Report Builder 3.0 - Pie Chart

Hi, I have Pie chart that displays Number of  items by Country, My data set is pulling the correct values. The 3D effect is true for the pie chart and the Series Labels are set to diplay out of the Slice. I used the collected style to be SingleSlice

I have no idea how to set up a pie chart for tracking spending with categories

This is what I want to do to help me track my credit card spending. I want to make a Numbers sheet where i can jot down how much money i spent on a item, and what category that item would go with (example, food, electronics, gas, so on). and then i w

How do I link to a table from a slice of a pie chart?

My project manager is after me to add a feature to a pie chart built on one of my tables. The code that selects from the table for the pie chart is this: select 'http://apexdevapp1.ci.raleigh.nc.us:7777',activity_type,count(ID) total FROM eba_ver2_cu