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Remote System and Remote Key Mapping at a glance

Hi, I want to discuss the concept of Remote System and Remote Key Mapping. Remote System is a logical system which is defined in MDM Console for a MDM Repository. We can define key mapping enabled at each table level. The key mapping is used to disti

Error while deleting a mapping

Hi all, I am getting the following error while deleting a mapping. My client version is API5072: Internal Error: Null message for exception. Please contact Oracle Support with the stack trace and details on how to reproduce it. oracle.wh.

FileName in ABAP XSLT Mapping

Dear SDN, In an integration scenario we are using sender File Adapter and a  ABAP XSLT Mapping. Is there any way to get the source FileName from such mapping.  Im trying to use the adapter-specific message attributes, but it doesn't work, and I didn´

Sample source code for fields mapping in expert routine

Hi All Iam writing the expert routine from dso to cube for example I have two fields in dso FLD1,FLD2 same fields in infocube also ,can any body provide me sample abap code to map source fields to target fields in expert routine,your help will be hei

How can I distinguish different action mapping in one ActionClass file?

I would like to create a ActionClass which will handle 3 mapping which comes from /add, /show or /del. My question is how can I change the code so that the ActionClass servlet can distinguish the request from different url mapping ? Can anyone give m

How can I save to the same map every time when printing pdfs?

How can I save to the same map every time when printing pdfs? Finder points to the document map even when I chose a different map recently. I often print series of pdfs from the print dialog box, I'd like to choose the map to save to and then have al

Sensor Mapping Express VI's performanc​e degrades over time

I was attempting to do a 3d visualization of some sensor data. I made a model and managed to use it with the 3d Picture Tool Sensor Mapping Express VI. Initially, it appeared to work flawlessly and I began to augment the scene with further objects to

Numbers/Address Book and Google Maps

I would love to integrate my spreadsheet of addresses or my Address Book with Google Maps. Is this possible? Somehow? I take a lot of trips across the country and don't always know when I will be driving by my friends. But if I had a map I could glan

Mapping/invoking key codes in a GameCanvas's main game loop.

I'm trying to bind some diagonal sprite movement methods to the keypad. I already know that I have to map out the diagonals to key codes since key states only look out for key presses in the upper half of the phone (d-pad, soft buttons, etc...). Prob

Key mapping Generator Tool

Scenario One customer has two systems: System A and System B in his landscape. System A serves as the central server for item master data management. He maintains the same set of item master data in System B as that of System B manually. Now, the cus

Key mapping

Hi All, I have 3 fields in my source file Id,Category (Key Mapping) ,Name. In Import Manager I have mapped Remote Key field with ID . Name with Name category with Category Qualified Range (A 1-10) I have source file like this Id name category 11  10 

Key Mapping activates Versus Import Manager

Hello, I have Key mapping activated in the console and Supress Unchaged Records activated in my syndication map. Case  : I import files (suppliers catalogs) to MDM via Import Manager manually. I am not sure about it, but since I activated Key mapping

Key Mapping - Automation

Hi , I have a following scenario that I want to automate within MDM : Vendor data coming from 3 remote systems ( say p-Carrd , Legacy Supply management and Invoice system) . 1. Have loaded vendor data from all the systems in MDM using import manager

Key Mapping in Forms 10g

Dear All, I have migrated forms 3.0 in unix to forms 10g in windows 2003 server. In my older version, '+' key is mapped to do COMMIT. I want to map the same key in forms 10g. i tried the same in my frmweb.res. Pls find the mapping done by me below. *

Remote Key Mapping - Maintanance

Hi All, I have Auto Id field in my repository; I would like to maintain this as my remote key value in my key mapping table ( automatically) in the following scenarios: 1. Initial Loading 2. On going ( from portal) 3. Manual creating a record The iss

Remote key mapping in Category table

Hi, We are not able to populate the Remote key in the Category table. In standard repository the Category table only has one field 'Category Name' which is defined as Display Field. In order for us to map customer file records which has UNSPSC code w

Key mapping/ remote key

Hi All, I  have some understanding of key mapping internal functionality. my question is ... should I use this key mapping feature from all look up tables, main table while importing from remote systems? should all my feilds have REMOTE KEY enabled.

Problem with childs nodes and automatic key mapping in a Data Object

Hi experts! I'm doing the service order tutorial from the mobile help at [this link|http://help.sap.com/saphelp_nwmobile71/helpdata/en/21/9b5b924c3b434fba4767731794b029/frameset.htm] and I have a problem... In the topic "Modeling the Equipment Data O

Error while deploying a mapping in OWB.

Hi All, OWB configuration is as follows: Oracle9i Warehouse Builder Client: Oracle9i Warehouse Builder Client: OS: Windows XP Professional. Following is error message displayed when i tried to deploy a mapping thru OWB Client. RTC

Error while deploying a mapping in owb 11.2

Hi, I am using OWB 11.2 and when i try to deploy a mapping i get the following error. Is it some permission issue. Please let me know if anyone has faced similar issue. Its very urgent. ORA-06550: line 1, column 7: PLS-00201: identifier 'DBMS_LOB' mu