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64 bit Java Download Oracle


HT1338 I just purchased a MacBookPro and wonder if it "updates" like Windows platform will offer? Class suggested to download java 6 Oracle...just asking...

I am new to this MacBook Pro laptop. I seems to have problems figuring things out....like Mail...where to put files like in Windows (or in AOL -was on there for a long time and now use .me). I also wonder about the updates...the school I am looking a

What files to download for java and oracle?

Hey I have read that i have to download and implement some drivers to get oracle to work in java, but which should i download and where? Im using Oracle Express 10 and java 1.6 ThanksHere's the link to get just the drivers http://www.oracle.com/techn

IE11 Keep Redirecting to Oracle Java Download Site

I am running a page that launches a Java Webstart app and a Java Applet. I don't have problem launching this page in Firefox, but I have to run it in IE11. The thing is IE11 keep redirecting me to oracle java download site. I have install Java RE lik

Java in Oracle XE

Hi to everyone, I want to develop java standalone procedures in my oracle 11g R2 xe beta database. but i found out that java is not installed there. The following error appears ORA-29538: Java not installed 29538. 00000 - "Java not installed" Ho

How to download oracle 9i AS for windows NT  on OTN

I do not know how to download oracle 9i Application server , to help me please by giving me various stages Message was edited by: [email protected]elcaro wrote: hi all, In my company there is a forms 6i server, now we want to move it to a new server

Off topic :Newcomer in Java with Oracle

Hi Please What books/Forums about Java with Oracle Thank you in advancehttp://download-east.oracle.com/docs/cd/B10501_01/java.920/a96656/toc.htm http://download-east.oracle.com/docs/cd/B10501_01/java.920/a96659/toc.htm http://download-east.oracle.com

Java and Oracle Business Intelligence Tools

Never used Oracle Business Intelligence Tools before. Could anybody tell me how they are friendly to Java. Thanks in advance. RichardHi, Here's the link to download Discoverer http://www.oracle.com/technology/software/products/discoverer/index.html I

How to download Oracle 10g Release 2?

If you look at this page "http://www.oracle.com/technology/software/products/database/oracle10g/htdocs/10201linx8664soft.html", there are plenty of links. Which should I use to download Oracle 10g Database Release 2 ( I require the o

How to download oracle forms 6i for windows server 2003 or linux

hi all, In my company there is a forms 6i server, now we want to move it to a new server for upgrade operations. for now we want to install forms 6i version on windows server 2003. on quick search I found it for xp but none for windows server 2003. i

XML Developer's Kit for Java for Oracle 8i

Hello, I want to download XML Developer's Kit for Java for Oracle 8i but I find only for Oracle 9i in the download site. I previously had download this for Oracle 8i. So I guess it should have moved to some other place and I am just not able to find

Where can i download oracle.sql package?

Hi! Can u please help me in finding out the site from where I can download oracle.sql.package.I need this for inserting images into the database using oracle.sql.BLOB class.I tried with java.sql.Blob.But I failed.can u please help me? Thank u, Ramana

"Invalid URL" download Oracle REST Data Services 2.0.7

help! Invalid URL The requested URL "/otn/java/ords/ords.", is invalid. Reference #9.bc04503f.1398060990.218b703 Invalid URL The requested URL "/otn/java/ords/ords.", is invalid. Reference #9.a504503

404 error when downloading Oracle SQL Developer 2.1 ( for Mac

Greetings, I'm getting a 404 error when I try to download the Mac OS X version of Oracle SQL Developer. The download page is at http://www.oracle.com/technology/software/products/sql/index.html And it links to the Mac version at: http://download.orac

Java for oracle dba

Please tell me what all learning of java is essential for orcale 9i dba? Also intimate the source for the sameYou may want to review some of the doc in this area: http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/B10501_01/java.920/a96656/toc.htm Cheers, OTNRead ot

Google Warning at Java Download Site

Got warning downloading Java SE from Google Chrome, went from https:// to http:// page.  Just wanted to confirm that this is an Oracle download site.No idea what went wrong. Use this link: Oracle Software Downloads | Oracle Technology NetworkRead oth

Free Download Oracle Kodo library

Hi All, I'm newbie to JPA. I'm developing on Weblogic Workshop 10.3. I'm trying to add facets of JPA(1.0) and Oracle Kodo(4.1). I tried to add KODO library from Oracle site. (Selected Option, Use Oracle Kodo library from ORacle web site). I get the f

Connecting JAVA to Oracle?

Hi Folks...I am an absolute newbie in JAVA....I have Windows Media Centre installed on my machine...Also I have Oracle 10g release 2 for the same....But I haven't installed it(oracle) yet....I have also not installed Java....First and foremost give m

Do anyone knows where can I download oracle forms 6.0?

hi all, Do anyone knows where can I download oracle forms 6.0? This is quite urgent. Please help. amyHi all, I know this is no longer supported forms 6.0, however, I have an application which is running on forms 6.0 for solaris. Unfortunely, I lost t

Unable to download Oracle Data Integrator-Version

Unable to download Oracle Data Integrator with version this could be resolved ASAP.966234 wrote: Unable to download Oracle Data Integrator with version this could be resolved ASAP.What is the file you are trying to downloa

Cannot locate Java class oracle.tip.adapter.db.DBWriteInteractionSpec

I have created a BPEL process in which i have used DB Adapter when i try to deploy the soa suite coposite i am getting the following error. [09:36:10 PM] Error deploying archive sca_TicketBooking_rev1.0.jar to partition "default" on server soa_s