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76mb fibre broadband


With new Brightbox2 router and fibre broadband, PC not shutting down on request

Yesterday connected to fibre broadband with new Brightbox2 router. Since then have been unable to Shut Down PC, although can select Sleep OK. Also cannot access System Manager via Ctrl-Alt-Del.Hi , Your change of router should not have changed any se

Talktalk fibre broadband is faster than BT!

For everyone's info. I was on BT infinity my average speed was around 12mbs, the highest was 15 but it would regularly drop to 10mbs. I was originally quoted 17-25 mbs by bt. When I began to complain they said the speed I should recieve was actually

I have just got new wireless fibre broadband for my home network. all my devices have joined fine, except my daughter's iphone 4s. Its just spinning!!!!!

I have just got new wireless fibre broadband for my home network. all my devices have joined fine, except my daughter's iphone 4s. Its just spinning!!!!! Any ideas?Hello Noddy1964, Thanks for using Apple Support Communities. For more information on t

Fibre Broadband

Hi I'm trying to get fibre installed down my road. You have done most of East Tilbury but not the main road into my town. There is probably over 200 people who would love a faster broadband speed. Currently I'm getting 1.8 meg which is Way below the

Fibre Broadband Availability

Hello all, I have recieved an email from openreach indicating that my local exchange, in Leicestershire, called Medbourne Greeen, has now been included in the rollout plans. Firstly, I already knew a while back that it was to be upgraded as part of a

House on 'New' Estate No Fibre Broadband (Exchange...

We are moving to a brand new house on a newish estate (I believe there have been houses the estate since 2011, or even before) but It doesn't seem as though Fibre broadband is available or that there is any way of finding out when it may be available

Fibre Broadband. Frustratingly slow.

I've been having very erratic broadband speeds since moving over to Fibre 2 months ago. It's got to the stage now that  I wonder why I ever signed up for this product. http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/4196885356 If this poor quality of service (and

Switching to BT Infinity (fibre) broadband

Hi I've just applied for a BT phone + 20GB BT Infinity 1 account and am wondering if I need to contact my current provider (Utility Warehouse) to get a MAC code? I thought I'd seen somewhere in the online application process that I woouldn't need one

? Fibre Broadband upgrade, lost connection to Airport Express. Help Please.

Hi All, Eircom (Ireland) upgraded their broadband to fibre high speed broadband.  (Was 8 whatevers and is now 50 whatevers speed)   iPhone 5 x 2, iPad, MacBook Pro and smart TV all picked up the new WiFi and they are all working well. Except; I play

My new fibre broadband not working

Hey all connected my new fibre speed broadband and its not connecting to the internet why? It says online that my broadband is now activated which the activation date is today the 6th. But no internet light Have you contacted Sky and told them about

Fibre Broadband dropping out

I'm getting an issue where my broadband keeps disconnecting and reconnecting. It is effecting wireless devices, a laptop connected via ethernet, AND the "other channels" on my BT TV Box. 1. Product name: BT Home Hub 2. Serial number: +068227+NQ3

Fibre broadband in my area

My local area is fibre enabled. However the cabinet serving my telephone line is not yet enabled. I checked the status of my cabnet The following data was shown. Please can someone explain what this means? What do the numbers for uplift represent and

Fibre Broadband availability (Cabinet is not ready....)

Hi all, So I've ready the information on this subject and I know i need to wait, but the openreach website has been showing fibre in my area since Jan 2015 but states something about my cabinet not being ready. My ISP is my only link to openreach (I

Fibre broadband and Apple Time Capsule

I wanrt to start using my Apple Time Capsule as my router, rather than the BT HomeHub. I know what cables go where, it's when I get to the AirPort Utility stage that gets a little confusing for me. I know you need to select PPPoE, I put my username i

Fibre to the Cabinet "FTTC" Broadband - irritated,...

Perhaps I'm just being over sensitive, but today I found about this new fibre broadband which will give speeds of 40mb. Is it too much to ask for the ADSL2+ upgrade to be finished before the engineers time is wasted on upgrading those who are already

Fibre and infinity available from my cabinet for n...

Hi, first post as really not sure what to do, and feeling pretty desperate about this fibre/infinity issue..... Bought new house a week ago. The regular ADSL broadband in my new area is and virtually useless at less than 1Mb, all searches I did with

Broadband disconnects

We've started getting an intermittently-noisy phone line and frequent broadband disconnects (Infinity FTTC - inner city but the cab is about 1km away), but obviously the automated test always says "we cannot detect a problem with this line". Sod

How do I find out the actual status of my fibre or...

Hi, I am posting here in despair because I cannot get an answer I can understand about why my fibre broadband order has been "delayed".  The call centre agents who ring me are not English and all they can do is repeat the same 5 sentences over a

Poor customer care regarding broadband infinity

First of I had sky internet which was woefully slow, so I decided to go for unltd standard broadband from BT with a supposed 8meg speed. This worked ok for a couple of months but then I noticed the home hub4 was running slow & kept kicking me off &

BT Broadband ripoff!

On my telephone exchange we have BT as the only provider of broadband. Because of this we get a maximum connection of 5Mbit.  My question is WHY am i paying £25 a month for 5Mbit where everyone else who lives a few miles away pay about the same for f