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ITunes 6.0.1 crashes after viewing Lyrics in Get Info

I can view all tabs in the Get Info window EXCEPT Lyrics. If I select the Lyrics tab and then hit "Cancel" iTunes shuts down immediately. If I select OK after viewing the Lyrics tab, iTunes shuts down as soon as I perform any other action in the

Why do lyrics not show up on remote computer using iTunes

My music is stored on my iMac. Since iTunes was installed, when I go to the "shared library" on my Mac Air, select a track and click on "Get info", the lyrics no longer appear. They do appear on the iMac. And all the other da

Lyrics do not show up on iphone

I have an iPhone 4 running iOS 4.2.1.  I can no longer get the lyrics to display on the iPhone.  I have the option checked on the iPhone to display the lyrics, and I have checked several songs in iTunes to make sure the songs have lyrics.  Is there s

I remove lyrics from iTunes, but they still show up in my iPhone :(

So I download a song and it came with some unwanted text. I clicked on the song, went to file>get info, clicked on the lyrics tab, and removed the text. Then I synced my iPhone. However, the unwanted text still show up in my iPhone. What can I do to

I am trying to download music lyrics from the internet on my regular PC into pages on icloud.  I have a folder started in my Pc and not sure  Could you please give me some direction?  I am really new to iCloud!

I have a question regarding copying something from the internet into pages on icloud.  I am trying to create a folder of music lyrics.  Has anyone tried doing this?You made a purchase and exhausted the credit on your card before it processed. All pur

How do you put lyrics onto songs that were imported from a cd?

I put the One Direction CD on my computer and I would like to put the lyrics on the songs so I can read them on my phone. When I click get info there is no lyric tab like on the songs I have purchased of itunes. How do I put the lyrics on? Thanks !Yo

How can I display lyrics in iPad, the song which I purchase in iTunes, and added lyrics in iTunes.

I just brought some song in iTunes, and add lyrics in it, can be display in MAC, but can't display in my IOS8 iPad .  Please help!For whatever reason the iPad will not display lyrics, I think its been this way since iOS 7.  The iPhone will display th

I have an ipod touch and lyrics dont show up when i play a song. i know how to insert lyrics they  just dont show up. what can i do?

i  have an ipod touch and lyrics dont show up when i play a song. i know how to insert lyrics they  just dont show up. what can i do?Are you trimming the videos on the iPod? http://blogs.vancouversun.com/2010/09/20/how-to-fix-out-of-sync-audio-on-vid

How do I add lyrics to a song?

I've added the lyrics into iTunes. However, when I go to the song on my iPod Touch 5, I can't change any information from the song. So, I can click on lyrics, but the entry box appears blank and impossible to click on. I bought the album on iTunes a

How do I get the lyrics on iTunes to show up on my iPhone 4 iOS 6?

I put lyrics in the lyrics section of the songs on iTunes but when I sync it to my iPhone they won't show up. Is there something I have to do to make them show up or are lyrics disabled on iOS 6. I they can be put on my iPhone then could you tell me

How do I get song lyrics entered in the GetInfo song link to sync properly with my other devices?

I'm running iTunes on a Windows 7 machine, and sometimes the lyrics sync up properly and sometimes not; sometimes only on one device, and not the others. Syncing via wifi or manually, or from the computer based iTunes or from the actual device produc

How to show lyrics at the bottom of a music video in Premiere 6.0???

Hi all, I am a very novice user of Premiere 6.0 and have a fun video my class is making to the tune of a popular song. I have laid down the tracks and video but need to have the lyrics running at the bottom of the screen. I made a rolling credit titl

How to change font size for lyrics for Ipod in the IPad 2?

Just bought an IPad 2 and need to increase the font size for lyrics I have added to ITunes/IPod. Is there a way to do this or an application that will do it? Thanks in advance for your help!Nope. Sorry. http://www.apple.com/feedback/ipad.html -SMRead

How to change font size of lyrics in iTunes

I pasted Arabic lyrics onto the Lyrics tab of a song.  However, the font is too small to read easily. Can someone please tell me how to change lyrics font size?See if either of these provide help: Edit font iTunes uses - Gnarlodious Jun 20, 2014 - ht

How to see lyrics for song playing?

I've got lyrics entered in most of the songs in my iTunes library. I notice that on my iPad 1, when I play a song on the iPod app, I see the cover image but no lyrics. A found a web page that said I'd see the lyrics if I tapped the cover image, but t

HT1399 I was able to see the lyrics while playing the audio when my iOS was 6.1.4 now i do not know what to do to see the lyrics while playing the audio or a karaoke

I was able to see the lyrics while playing the audio when my iOS was 6.1.4 now i do not know what to do to see the lyrics while playing the audio or a karaoke after upgraded(?) to iOS 7 Is there any chance to see the lyrics in iOS 7 or i want to degr

I am looking for a way or app that stores lyrics.  I want to be able to pull up and pick a song

I am looking to organize lyrics that are easy to pull up and checkSee How to call Adobe Acrobat 9 APIs to OCR the PDFs through .NET reply 4.Read other 4 answers

I have an iPod touch, with iOS 5.0.1 I have manually added lyrics and album covers on iTunes, but they aren't syncing over.  Why?  How do I fix it?

I have an iPod touch that I bought recently, and have updated everything to the iOS 5.0.1 version.  I have checked my music settings, and it has Lyrics and Podcast Info "ON".  I have manually added the lyrics to several songs, as well as album c

A script to pick up song lyrics from the web - feedback

Below is a PC implementation of this script written by Chris Schull which uses google to grab the lyrics of the selected song in iTunes and add them to the tags for the song. Enjoy Andrew's first go at converting an Applescript to .net for the PC. I

How can I see song lyrics in iOS 8?

In the past I've been able to add lyrics to my music in iTunes and then see those lyrics in the music app after syncing my iPhone or iPod... There is an option in my setting to view lyrics which I have turned on and yet I can't see the lyrics I've ad