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I was hit by a slew of Java Script Exploits as well as Trojans this past week

Hello: On 7/10/2012, my desktop machine got hit by a slew of Virus and Trojans which even though removed, they are impacting the use of my computer. Information below. First 7.10/2012 Trojan win32/Tibs.IT Severe Threat detected by Microsoft security

How to use lab view to do slew rate experiment

gud afternoon I have an op am p circuit built on the NI ELVIS board and I input a square wave from function generator to the circuit. I have to determine the slew rate of the op amp.In the labs, one would run the square wave over a range of frequenci

Just a SLEW of Problems

I have the original MacBook Pro from 2006. It's the 15.4" Model and has a 2.16GHz Processor. It's almost three years old and I am having a slew of problems. I do have AppleCare, and I intend to take it to my local Apple Store this week. I just like g

When I open a new link or bookmark I want it to open in a new window not a slew of tabs so I can see which sites I have open.

I'm sorry if I'm not using the correct terminology. When I open a new window or a link I want it to open a whole new window so I have 500 open FireFox tabs in my taskbar if I open that many windows. I do not like having everything open in one window.

Murphy's Law: No startup after slew of problems.

Hi. I'd like to thank everyone for reading this in advance, because I'm in a bit of a pickle if I can't get this machine functioning. Short Version: After a system-wide freeze while using Final Cut Express on my PowerMac 1.8 GHz, and assorted glitche

A whole slew of iTunes on Windows even with a NEW iPod

So I've been having some minor problems with my iPod Photo. For the last few months whenever I connected it this weird window would appear saying AUTOPLAY with a little progress bar scanning across. It didn't bother me that much, but in the last few

Using OBIEE 11g for 10 minutes...not liking it (at all)...slew of bugs

I don't mean to rant, but I've been a huge supporter of OBIEE 10g for years now. I've finally got 11g installed on my laptop, and I've spent 5 minutes playing with straight forward answers stuff, and I've already hit two or three "showstopper" i

I've got a slew of problems! Please help me, I'm so desperate!

Problem Uno: When I try to connect my iPod to the computer, it will show up in the task bar but not in iTunes. I've tried everything they've said to do and nothing is working. 2. If it does show up in iTunes, it will say it is corrupted. They say you

Windows refuses to install (slew of issues, specifically the partition)

Hello guys, I'm using the iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2014), OS X Yosemite with a fusion drive). Previously I had Windows installed perfectly. I was running the tech build but after a few months I managed to mess it up due to driver issues. I deci

Slew of N97 problems.

I'm sure some of these may have been addressed in the n97 bugs thread, but I do nto have time to read through 500 posts, and a post in that will simply be buried and forgotten in moments, hopefully I can find some hints in here. the problems I am hav

Problems after recent slew of updates

After the recent mass of updates through pacman...I have a few problems. My UPS monitor applet doesn't show up in the taskbar anymore...however it's still being detected, and I can view the status of it w/ "apcaccess status". Another problem I'm

Macbook w/ whole slew of problems...Won't Start Up, Disk Utility Can't Repair Disk, Horizontal Lines on Screen, Etc.

I purchased my Macbook in the summer of 2011 and before it went berserk it was running Mavericks. 3 years later, it's finally seemed to have run its course. It won't start up normally and it won't start up on safe boot. Attempting to use disk utility

A Slew of Problems...Where to Begin?

I'm hoping the following issues are all related so here goes... I recently got an iPhone 4 (had to replace a 3Gs after it got wet) and after restoring and syncing from a backed up iTunes file: *Issue 1*). When I launch the phone's email app I get a s

Whole slew of problems with my iPod and I'm about to go nuts..

My 1.5 year old 4th generation iPod has been having issues recently after having the same issues in the past. Freezing, sad iPod icon, etc. It was hooked up to my computer when all of a sudden it said that it was corrupted (it was fine before). So I

Slew of Problems with iTunes--Bonjour Service, Ipod Touch Recognition, iTunes Store Connectivity

As per the title, the problems are getting quite serious and annoying. I have an issue with the Bonjour service not being recognized (mDNSresponder.exe doesn't appear to be running) and consequently sharing not working, an inability to connect to the