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ACA load balancing problem

Hi, I have a problem with my CSS aca algorithm as shown from the following show load and show service summary: CSS1# sh service summary Service Name State Conn Weight Avg State Load Transitions BancsLinkSrvr-1 Alive 11 1 2 344 BancsLinkSrvr-2 Alive 0

How do I Prepare for the Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) exam.

how do I Prepare for the Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) examI have NO idea where you should ask that question, but THIS forum is about help with installing Cloud programs If you will start at the Forums Index https://forums.adobe.com/welcome You MAY

CSS11503 - balance ACA

How can you check if balance ACA is enabled in CSS11503? How can you see also if the content switch(CSS11503) is load balancing using balance ACA? "show load" command does not show it. xxxxxx# show load Global load information:     Reporting:Ena

Aca response average time

guys, i have two identical servers with ACA load balancing algorthim and i can see that all the traffic connection going to the first server and the second one is ZERO. when using the command show load i can see the average response time is ZERO for

My ipod 4th gen will not turn back on after my mom took it for disciplinary reasons

my ipod 4th generation will not turn back on after my mom took it from me for disciplinary reasons. Not grades! I am a 4.0 student. Pleae help!!After charging overnight Try: - iOS: Not responding or does not turn on - Also try DFU mode after try reco

Safety, disciplinary action & VRS

Dear Gurus, My clinet wants to maitain Safety an disciplinary actions, For Safety the scenario is if the employee is met with an accident, he shall undergo a treatment and joins the factory after certain period of time, so what are the infotypes that

DWCS6 ACA exam prep?

Hello everyone, i'm going to get the ACA certification about Dreamweaver CS6. To be more prepared, i completed the "courses" with "Dreamweaver CS6 Classroom in a book" and "Introduction to Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 with ACA Certificat

Hola necesito ayuda de un tiempo para aca mi iphone 4 no se escucha cuando me hablan o hablo pero si yo realizo una llamada

Hola necesito ayuda de un tiempo para aca mi iphone 4 no se escucha cuando me hablan o hablo pero si yo realizo una llamada!!!!!graciasHola Hugomf0886, Eso puede ser un problema de harware o un problema de software. En caso de que sea software, hazte

Vivo en Paraguay, y me regalaron un iPhone4 que responde a todas sus funciones, menos a la de telefonía. Como se puede configurar para usarlo acá?

Vivo en Paraguay, y me regalaron un iPhone4 que responde a todas sus funciones, menos a la de telefonía. Como se puede configurar para usarlo acá?Hola, La razón más probable es que el dispositivo esté bloqueado, en cuyo caso deberías contactar con el

IT's for Disciplinary & CRB checks...

Hello all, I was just wondering where I could find InfoTypes that will store data related to: - Criminal Record Bureau checks - Disciplinary information and - Visa information of employee's I know that this question is fairly basic, but I have looked

ACAS Nessus scans of Cisco devices

Hello, we have an ACAS configuration with Security Center and Nessus scanner running on RHEL 5.10. Our infrastructure consists of WS-6509, WS-3750X's, G's and some old E's. We configured Nessus scanner with the proper Username/Password/Enable Passwor

Adobe ACA Certification preperation book an CD

I have recently purchased Adobe creative suite 5 and am looking to study for the ACA certification, in which I have recently bought a book with the title of    Adobe Creative Suite 5 ACA Certification Prep  Basics by Debbie Keller, Within this book i

Please can some-one tell me where to find the price differences between the ACA and ACE exams.

Please can someone tell me the price difference (in ZAR) between the ACE and ACA exams.Why did you post this in the forum for Adobe Reader?Read other 3 answers

ACA Curriculum links are broken

All of the ACA Curriculum links at http://www.adobe.com/education/resources/certificate-programs/preparation-materials.edu.ht ml? are broken. I am an educator who desperately needs those documents. I couldn't find a webmaster contact. Please help!htt

Balance aca

Hi Gilles, balance aca and adavance-balance sticky srcip under the same content content 1 port 1111 advance-balance sticky srcip balance aca add service s1 add service s2 vip address active Is the above configuration adviceble.I never advice

Saludos; compre un iPhon 4S en Venezuela, actualmente me vine a vivir en Colombia y quiero activar mi iPhone acá, pero no le funcionan los chips que le he comprado comprado acá, necesito saber que hacer para poder contratar un plan acá en Colombia.

Greetings, buy a iPhon 4S in Venezuela, today I came to live in Colombia and I want to activate my iPhone here, but do not work for chips purchased I bought him here, I need to know to make a plan to hire here in Colombia. What should I do?

Alguien habla espanol aca ?

hola a todos puse mis datos de tarjeta de credito para poder comprar aaplicaciones y poder comprar cosas para los juegos q tengo al principio compre todo bien y ahora no me deja comprar cosas desde dentro del juego... pero lo raro es q por ejemplo si

Tengo el problema de no tener la aplicación de AirPlay en el ipad hice todo lo que decía acá y no pasa nada

Tengo en el iphone y en iTunes de la computadora y en el Apple TV, el AirPlay, no tengo forma de verlo en el ipad. No aparece la aplicación, probé todo lo que me dijeron en la ayuda de Apple y nadaIntenta reinstalar el navegador en su última versión

Hola el otro dia fui a su tienda en plaza san miguel lo que pasa es que se me bbloqueo mi ipad porque de tanto intentar poner la clave no me la acordaba se bolquo, me dijeron que entre aca y que ustedes me podian ayudar

hola me pueden ayudar?Lo siento es en ingles... 1. Configurator is useless in reactivating a locked iPad. You will only be able to completely reformat the iPad using Configurator. If that's ok with you, go for it – otherwise don't waste your time try

Hoy empece ausarlo y guarde un documento aca y no se verlo hep  help pleace

Hoy empece ausarlo y guardeun documento  no se como verlo hep help my pleace.Podrias por favor indicar de qué, supongo, programa hablas? Adobe ofrece decenas de programas.Read other 3 answers