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How can I stop an action sequence with another

Hi, I am quite new to flash catalyst. I made a side with an office where you can click the phone to go to the status "phone". In there you should be able to call some virtuell people. I made buttons with names that trigger different action seque

Action sequence using PS Elements 10

Hello Group, first post here anyway, I am trying to make an "Action sequence" picture using PS Elements 10, example: I took a few pictures of a guy surfing and what I would like is to merge 3 or 4 shots into one picture (I hope I explained this

Got action sequence to "loop" but it shows in all states - conditional statement to fix it?

Using Flash Catalyst & Notepad (to open and alter the code in the "Main" MXML file) I'm able to "loop" an action sequence on the home state for my swf by changing the code as follows: ORIGINAL CODE <s:Parallel id="Sequence3

Spinning Cursor of Death on all actions and apps

I now have the spinning cursor of death on all apps all finder actions in snow leopard over last 3 months, OS periodically dumped bluetooth, resetting the Sys management controller fixed this, also zapped the pram twice in this time.   in the last 10

"Couldn't start this app" error when trying to open Action Items and any other built-in apps

Hi all, When I try to open the Action Items app within an email in OWA, I get the error seen in the screenshot. In Outlook 2013, the frame comes up with a 404 error. Third party apps load fine. This is a new install of Exchange 2013 Enterprise with C