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How can I stop an action sequence with another

Hi, I am quite new to flash catalyst. I made a side with an office where you can click the phone to go to the status "phone". In there you should be able to call some virtuell people. I made buttons with names that trigger different action seque

Action sequence using PS Elements 10

Hello Group, first post here anyway, I am trying to make an "Action sequence" picture using PS Elements 10, example: I took a few pictures of a guy surfing and what I would like is to merge 3 or 4 shots into one picture (I hope I explained this

Got action sequence to "loop" but it shows in all states - conditional statement to fix it?

Using Flash Catalyst & Notepad (to open and alter the code in the "Main" MXML file) I'm able to "loop" an action sequence on the home state for my swf by changing the code as follows: ORIGINAL CODE <s:Parallel id="Sequence3

Cannot create Folder and then add AppV sequenced apps in the Start menu

Hi, I have managed to sequence the apps properly using the App-V 5.0 SP2 sequencer. But after adding the package and publishing it globally, when i mount the package in my App-V client machine, it creates a direct application shortcut in the Start me

How to prevent PS from skipping steps in action sequence after encountering an error while batching

Hi guys, Would really appreciate help. I've spent several days working on this. What I am trying to do is a long story, but the latest problem I've encountered is that when batch running an action sequence, and when PS encounters an error in a step i

Where to I place downloaded .action and .app files

Where do I place the automator action .action and .app files I download for installation. I noticed some load themselves auto into Automator whereas other need to be manually placed in a folder somewhere? Message was edited by: Todd Lichtenwalter1 Me

Using the same action sequence with multiple buttons and exclusive conditional interactions

Hi all, first of all, pardon me for my english and if I post questions already answered, but I can't find anything about that. I'm new to flash and I decided to use Flash Catalyst to speed up the building process of a multimedia presentation for univ

Copy and paste action sequence?

i have an action sequence set to play on application start, but i also want to set it up to play whenever a user navigates to that specific pageHello. You can't copy-and-paste action sequences yet. But you can if you were to open it in Flash Builder,

Spinning Cursor of Death on all actions and apps

I now have the spinning cursor of death on all apps all finder actions in snow leopard over last 3 months, OS periodically dumped bluetooth, resetting the Sys management controller fixed this, also zapped the pram twice in this time.   in the last 10

Closed PO without Action History(APP-PO-14288)

Hi All, There are Some of closed POs without Action History. No record in PO_ACTION_HISTORY for these POs. When I view Action History , I will receive an error -- APP-PO-14288. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you. Best Regards Edited by: user631092

Start a batch action sequence by name inside a native Acrobat Plugin (C++)

Hi folks, i am trying to figure out how to execute a named batch sequence (build by the action wizard) inside Acrobat X via the native Acrobat API. I could not find a function in the SDK that could execute a sequence on the current document. Can some

Sequence app with modify rights to installation directory

Hey there I've got an application, where the user must have Change / Modify Rights to the Installation Directory. By Default, the Installation is installed in C:\Vendor\App1. If i just install the application locally the application can be launched w

Configs and action sequences

Hello everybody. I need to have a lot of config settings stored on disk. Well, I can do it via text *.ini files and then read them during start of a application. But as well I can use Global variable and change its values manualy (can I save its defa

Action sequence with Aperture 2?

I would like to do a snowboarding sequence edit with Aperture 2, but i dont know how? I know it is possible with the layers with photoshop. Can anyone help me please!Aperture is a photo editor, you can't do any kind of "sequence editing."Read ot

No response/action from apps when chooosing links or menu functions

After a few days of use, I find that trying to select links in web pages goes away. I also can't make menu selections in many apps. The only solution is to restart the computer and everything is fine again for several days, then the cycle repeats its

Folder Actions Dispatcher.app using 80% CPU

I just wonder why this item is using over 80% of my CPU. I have no idea what this application do.  I would be grateful if somone could explain for me. I am hesitant to fidle with system items such a remove it. It is in the System Folder under Core Se

Help!!! Button and action sequence...

I am creating a relatively simple web site in FC, but I have run into a problem. I purchased a stock .mov file, which I converted in Flash CS5 to use as an intro to the site. In Flash, I added a button to enter the site. My resulting .swf intro works

"Couldn't start this app" error when trying to open Action Items and any other built-in apps

Hi all, When I try to open the Action Items app within an email in OWA, I get the error seen in the screenshot. In Outlook 2013, the frame comes up with a 404 error. Third party apps load fine. This is a new install of Exchange 2013 Enterprise with C

How can I transfer or copy my Photoshop CS6 plug ins, actions and automate apps to Photoshop CC?

I just "upgraded" from Photoshop CS6 to Photoshop CC. How do I get all my apps, plug ins, actions, automate apps, brushes, etc. from Photoshop CS6 onto/into the proper folders in Photoshop CC so I can use them in CC? My OS is Mac OSX 10.7.5. Tha

How to add app to " complete action using "?

I cant seem to find any setting to change apps in complete action using app list...I want to add another app while editing photos to the dialogue "complete action using ".... Plz helpSo you want to be asked to open a specific media file with oth