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Call Actionscript function from Javascript

Can anyone show me a simple example of calling an actionscript function from within javascript? Everything I have found searching online refers to using the ExternalInterface but I was sure I also read that Adobe Air does not support it. I am current

Actionscript function when hovering

Has anyone ever tried to run an actionscript function when hovering over the <a>Anchor tag of HTMLtext? Here is the situation. I have an HTML text field and I want to be able to embed definitions of key words. In turn, when the user hovers over the

Feature Request: Custom uninstaller which executes actionscript function on uninstall

Hi, My name is Ronald Kamp and I'm an IT Consultant at iDA MediaFoundry Belgium. I would like to request a feature. At the moment I have an application that writes a file to the app-storage of my application, to the user's documents and settings fold

Object not embedded error whenever i tried to access actionscript function from js

hi, i badly need help in embedding my swf in html , because it keeps saying that my object is undefined. object undefined error. i am trying to pass values from js to actionscript and then i embedded it. i tried to embed it using embed and object tag

Calling an actionscript function from a webview

In the mobile app that I am developing I need to be able to open a webview that displays a website that is saved locally to the app. I then need to be able to press a button within that webview and have it call a function in the app itself. Is there

ActionScript function not visible to Javascript

In the example http://kb.adobe.com/selfservice/viewContent.do?externalId=tn_15683&sliceId=2 there is a flash movie that we created using flash 2004 and actionscript 2.0 that should expose a function that javascript can call for clipboard functionalit

Calling Actionscript functions from HTML in Air?

Arg... I feel like I am soo close - but something is not quite right... I am stuck on the communcation from Javascript back to Actionscript in an Adobe Air 1.5 app... (not flex). here is my Main(): quote: public class Main extends Sprite { public var

Actionscript Function

I new to flex so I'm still trying to get my head around the concepts. I have created a flex 2 application that uses a repeater to populate radio buttons based on a actionscript array. Inside the repeater I am displaying the radio button, on the butto

Actionscript Function to Reload CFGrid

I'm looking for some guidance on how to use actionscript to reload a cfgrid on an onclick event. I am currently using getURL() to call a cfc to asynchonously update the query driving the grid, but I cannot figure out how to actually refresh the grid

How can we call actionscript functions from js

hi how can we call Action script function from js file . i tried ExternalInterface. add Callback() .but it throws an error .is there any other chance to call action script method .thnx in advanceangadala, some people have found it is good to include

Actionscript Functions Help

Hey, can someone please help me find a solution in this code that i've got. I'm using this code to make gameplay mechanics of a rhythm game but there seems to be a problem with the code that i've coloured in red. var timer1:Timer = new Timer (1000,1)