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EFS Encrypted Files over home workgroup network via WebDAV avoiding Active Directory fixing Access Denied errors

This is for information to help others KEYWORDS:   - Sharing EFS encrypted files over a personal lan wlan wifi ap network   - Access denied on create new file / new fold on encrypted EFS network file share remote mapped folder   - transfer encryption

Applre Remote Desktop and Active Directory

Hi How does one remote desktop into a Mac that in bound to Microsofts Active Directory ? It will not accept any username/password if bound, but if unbound it connects first go. Suggestions ?Have you looked into extending the Active Directory schema t

Creating custom fields for manual entry and fields that gather data from Active Directory

So I am no SQL developer but I am being asked to do this.. I've spent the last few days researching but cannot find anything related to my particular situation. I have made a copy of the following report to add or modify a few columns:  Hardware 01A

Active Directory domain failed

Hello Team, When i joined to our active directory, everytime bui gives same error messages: The attempt to join the Active Directory domain failed either because the clocks of the appliance and the domain controller are skewed or the administrative u

OIM - Active Directory ADGroup question

All, I have used MSFT_AD_Base_9. to install active directory connector and synchronized (provision and reconciliation) oim users with the AD. I can't seem to find documentation on how to sync oim roles with with AD groups. Can you provide me s

Integrate NAC Appliance with Active Directory

We try to implement on our customer, NAC appliance integrating with Active Directory Single sign on. The NAC configured with L2 OOB. User first connect to switch and got the authentice Vlan, then the user will be authenticate using their domain accou

Managed users with Active Directory?

Hi guys I was wondering if any of you can help me out. I'm looking to get a OS X Server 10.4 to act as a managed user server, with all the pros of Open Directory (ie Finder restrictions etc) and user home directories on the Xserve's HD, but to authen

User base Synchronization between SAP and MS Active Directory Server

Dear all! I'm using Web AS 6.20 ABAP and MS Active Directory Server based on Win 2003 Server. i successfully implemented the synchronization of user data between SAP and the ADS. My question: Is there a way to customize the users on Active Directory

What is the concept of Active directory in HFM

Hi Experts What is the concept of Active directory in HFM? regards DevHi Dave, Not sure if this is your exact requirement... but might be helpful. The concept of Active directory is that users can login to HFM application with the windows credentials

Oracle Database Authentication against Microsoft Active Directory

Hello Does anyone know if it is possible or can point me in the right direction of some documentation that discuss Oracle database user authentication against and Enterprise Directory Service, in my cases MS AD? My environment consists of Oracle RDBM

Store signature image in Active Directory and deploy it to each users desktop

What I am trying to achieve is to have each user a hand written signature scanned in and stored in the .jpgPhoto attribute in Active Directory and then have some sort of script, like our login script, pull that information and copy the file to the us

Error when extending Active Directory schema

Hi there, I am trying to extend my active directory schema in order to store my managed preferences in AD. I am following this white paper : http://images.apple.com/business/solutions/it/docs/Modifyingthe_Active_DirectorySchema.pdf When I try to appl

Mac OS X Server and Active Directory Replica

Hello, Has anyone ever encountered any problems when making a Mac OS X Leopard server an Active Directory Replica? We're working on this project and we want to make sure that we don't mess up our primary AD server when we configure this. Thanks so mu

Open Directory Active Directory users want to know Is there a method?

Help Open Directory Active Directory users want to know Is there a method? Or can I make the Active Directory users to share on the Open Directory. My goal is to use our school Mac computers with SSOIf I understand your question correctly, using Acti

LDAP Using Active Directory failed in BAM

I tried to configure the LDAP Using Active Directory as described in the BAM installation guide In appsetting, i gave the server name, username and password used by us. Then i restarted the active data cache and IIS. Then i tried to acces

Active Directory on VMware

I am having an argument with a co worker.  Can someone please settle this; Are Active Directory Domain Controllers OFFICIALLY supported on VMware??? Yes??? http://www.vmware.com/files/pdf/solutions/Virtualizing-Active-Directory-Do main-Services-on-VM

Permissions issue binding and logging into Active directory

Hello: We're having an issue with file permissions when our Macs connect to SMB shares via AD.  We bind the macs to the active directory but when the users connect to the SMB shares (Go connect to server smb://.......)  they see everything on the dri

Certificate Authority not working when signing documents (Active Directory)

We recently went to an Active Directory structure at my job, and we do a lot of signatures. Part of the Active Directory setup was an auto-certificate authority setup. I went to sign a document  recently and the signature will not apply. I went into

SharePoint Foundation Active Directory Problem

Hey, I have a problem with the Active Directory connection to SharePoint Foundation. My Situation looks like this: I'm working on a kind of project controlling plattform. Each of our customers has its own site. Also each customer has an account in ou

Error while creating a user in Active Directory.

Hi Guys, I am creating a custom connector for AD and Exchnage , I am able to create user in AD using my Java Code... but i am also getting below error, I want to finish the operation smoothly.... Please find below error logs. 13:51:15,635 ERROR [STDE