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ACS 5.3, EAP-TLS Machine Authentication with Active Directory

I have ACS 5.3. I am testing EAP-TLS Machine Authentication using Active Directory as an external Identity Store. II was testing and everything was going fine until I did some failure testing. My problem: I deleted my computer account out of Active D

Microsoft Active Directory 2008 - Day CQ Integration.

Hi All, We have integrated AD with CQ for authentication purpose (JAAS config, LDAPLoginModule). We are registering user from our website and storing them directly on AD (using day ldap client APIs - day-commons-ldapclient-1.1.6.jar). Now the problem

Binding to Active Directory - strongauthrequired

I am trying to bind a 10.4.3 machine to a Windows 2000 Active Directory, but experiencing problems. The Active Directory plugin hits step 5 then displays "Unable to access domain controller: This computer is unable to access the domain controller for

Active Directory Services Can't Connect to Domain

I removed Active Directory services form a server running 2012. I then went to reinstall and reconfigure it, but I keep running into issues. When I launch active directory admin center it gives me an error that it can't connect to any domain, and I c

Active Directory Error(error code 53 - 0000001F)

Hello, We got a webapp writing to AD, that is throwing the following error: Root exception is javax.naming.OperationNotSupportedException: [LDAP: error code 53 - 0000001F: SvcErr: DSID-031A0FC0, problem 5003 (WILL_NOT_PERFORM), data 0We are using 'un

How to authenticate using Active directory!

Hi all! at present im using a code given below, its working fine! currently we are using mixed mode active directory! we are going to migrate that to Native mode! import java.util.Properties; import javax.naming.*; import javax.naming.directory.*; im

802.1x, catalyst, ACS & active directory external DB!

Hi, I'm working with 802.1x over catalyst switch, ACS 3.1 as Radius and external DB users authentication on Ms Active Directory with LDAP. My questions are: 1) Are the only EAP's version supported by catalyst, MD5-EAP and EAP-TLS (not PEAP and LEAP);

Can't fix Active Directory replication

Hi, I am not sure when the replication issue started, but it is for month now. Whe have two AD's and so actually, we have one working fine (probably). Users are replicated fine (at least they show in the second AD tree) and also, the group policies r

ISE - Active Directory - LDAPS

I think I understood the customer concern. This is quoted from Microsofthttp://support.microsoft.com/kb/321051 "The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is used to read from and write to Active Directory. By default, LDAP traffic is transmitt

Cisco ISE Process Flow with Active Directory

Hi guys, Today I did a lab and see this note at Authentication Policy Interface. This note is: Note: For authentications using PEAP, LEAP, EAP-FAST or RADIUS MSCHAP it is not possible to continue processing when authentication fails or user is not fo

Windows Active Directory 2008 And Java

Hi, I need to do the following. 1. Integrate my application's authentication module with Microsoft Windows Active Directory (Server 2008 Edition). 2. Need to use Kerberos authentication. Can you please let me know what api can I use? Is there a good

SharePoint Foundation Active Directory Problem

Hey, I have a problem with the Active Directory connection to SharePoint Foundation. My Situation looks like this: I'm working on a kind of project controlling plattform. Each of our customers has its own site. Also each customer has an account in ou

Error while creating a user in Active Directory.

Hi Guys, I am creating a custom connector for AD and Exchnage , I am able to create user in AD using my Java Code... but i am also getting below error, I want to finish the operation smoothly.... Please find below error logs. 13:51:15,635 ERROR [STDE

OIM 9.1.0 Integration with Active Directory 2008 R2

Hi, My customer is running Root/Child AD structure based on windows 2003 w/SP2, OIM 9.1.0 deployed under one of the child domains, and integrated with child domains controllers which runs windows server 2003 as well. My customer has decided to upgrad

Laptop (Running Windows 8.1) no longer able to print and now see message Active Directory Domain Services is not available

Have a very recent Lenovo Ideapad Laptop running Windows 8.1. Connected via USB port to HP LaserJet Pro CM1415 frw Color MFP Printer. Was able to print fine nearly 2 weeks ago, but something recently happened - either a new windows or office 2013 upd

Active Directory accounts no longer connect to Server

I administrate a small office network. We have a Windows 2000 Server with active directory and a Windows 2003 Storage Server Appliance. (From Iomega) After upgrading to 10.4.8 (it seems), our Mac integrated to the Active Directory has had problems co

New Server 2012 install - Active Directory not working properly

We recently converted from 2003 to 2012. Our 2012 R2 server seems to be running fine. We did a DCPROMO on the OLD 2003 DC just fine but now there are all sorts of odd errors (Sharepoint can't authenticate users, Can't run Exchange 2013 on another 201

Creation of a second Exchange 2013 server on a different site (with the roles of MBX and CAS) fails on prepare active directory and prepare schema.

Hello everyone I have a network infrastructure  consisting of 3 sites, site A, site B, and site C. i have 2 domain controllers on every site, and the AD roles are on the primary domain controller on site A. On site A I have an Exchange 2013sp1 CU6. I

How to install Small Business Server 2008 in an existing Active Directory domain

It is shown on this page: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/884453, "How to install Small Business Server 2003 in an existing Active Directory domain". Is it possible to do this with SBS2008 ? If "YES", are there any published informatio

Active Directory LDAP integration; can not see the XMLP_ groups/roles

We have configured XMLP to use "LDAP" as the Security model. The LDAP server is Active Directory running under Windows Server 2003. It is working to a certain extent: Users can log on to the XML Publisher using login/password as defined