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Flash CS4 onPeerConnect does not fire

Hi I tryed to do Flex example for simple chat (p2p) with Stratus at Flash CS4 IDE (adapted it of course) but onPeerConnect does not fire. Can you take a look at my code ? What's wrong with it ? package {     import flash.events.*;     import flash.ne

Checking an external swf is loaded?

Hi I'm loading an external .swf via typing the swf name into an input text field and hitting a submit button. The swf loads fine, but I'm trying to incorporate updating a status text field on a succesful load or if there is an error during loading. I

Help with a carousel menu

Hi guys. I have a download it a very good carousel menu,it works perfect but I been trying to insert a new effect in it, to make the objects of the menu a little bigger when they are in the front, and smallers when they are in the back, but all I can

Actionscript 3 - jigsaw puzzle unloading images

I am using the puzzle game sample from adobe and want to use it as part of an interactive narrative for students. However, everytime I try to go to new frame or scene the image stays with me. How do I remove or unload the puzzle frame and bitmap imag

Error message: 1021: Duplicate function definition.

Hi All, First let me start by saying that I know next to nothing about Flash.  I have inherited a website maintenance project that has a Flash rotating image banner.  I have managed to get the images to fade-in and fade-out correctly, but now I need

Epub3 - possible to tweak code to allow mp3 to play across page turns?

Hi i have an epub3 that i need the mp3 to be able to continue playing when the page turns. any ideas? here is code! function RegisterInteractiveHandlers() { RegisterButtonEventHandlers(); ProcessAnimations(); ProcessMedia(); function ProcessMedia() {

Using SharedObjects to load and save data

Hello, i am having troubles with using shared objects to save and load data for my highscore feature of my game i am developing in actionscript 3. This is my main code. I am trying to update a dynamic text field that acts as an high score function [a

Mouse scrolling on Firefox?, i have the question of how i can get mouse scrolling on Firefox?

i try to put mouse scrolling functions on firefox, but i can't this is my code: <pre><nowiki><!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>Canvas</title> <meta charset="UTF-8"> <meta name="author&qu

Event Handling in swf-version 18 broken ?

Running this simple example with -swf-version=17  works and i get the console out message "mouseDownHandler" when i press the button. #include <Flash++.h> #include <AS3/AS3.h> using namespace AS3::ui; flash::display::Sprite button; f

ScriptUI: Change element back to default color

I have a script in which I am changing the color of StaticText, but later want to change it back to the default color. Is there a way to set it back to "default", or do I need to hard code in a color that is the same as the default? The problem

Rollover scrolling menu - no buttons

So below is my code for a project I'm working on. I'm having some trouble though. I got the code for the scrolling menus online from another forum, but I can't figure out where that was. In any case, the current version of the code allows for the scr

ID CC SUI - Insane Daft Crazy Cuckoo Stupid Useless Idiotic

Ok. I must admit the title might be a bit on the negative side but there's a reason for that. In the 20 minutes or so that I have tried out some of SUI stuff on ID CC these are some of the problems I have come across. There a a bunch more that I can'

Button Disappears from Stage

I've created a two buttons in a frame labeled "child." The instance name for one button is "orientationBtn" and the other is "stepBtn." When you click on the orientationBtn you are taken to a frame labeled "orientation&q

When i export the project as swf

I have this code in scene4 and when i play it from the project with ctrl+enter the kuler in this scene play and load the color theme correctly. When i export the project as swf the scene4 with this code play but they do not load the color theme. why?

[CS4/CS5] ScriptUI focus event (Win/Mac)

Hi friends, I'm looking after a way to control the focus of EditText widgets within a Dialog but I'm totally confused by the event loop logics —especially in Mac OS. The basic task I need to achieve is to attach a validation mechanism to an EditText.

Now draw your own ScriptUIGraphics graphics! (1st testing)

Hey everyone, I've made this little system of drawing ScriptUIGraphics from your illustrator document.  Please be advised, the graphics resulting from this are not anti-aliased and look bad at medium sizes --> terrible at small sizes, but they may he

Is it possible to have clickable drawn elements

I can add a click event to the canvas, but can't figure how to have a click specific to only an object on the canvas can anybody help? I just want to add an event listener to the circles and not the canvas, but I can not figure out how to point to th

Repost, since no answer in JSP-JSP/CascadingStyleSheet/Javascript problem

Hello, I've got a JSP page that has included a Javascript (JS). In that JS, a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) is included. Also on the JSP page, I have some code that makes use of the JS to create a Windows-style combobox, which is not available through

Help with making a back button

hi in a game im making i have a start menu that then when you click play goes to the game after playing the game, when you die a game over screen appears with a play again button in it i want to put a back button to go to the first frame. the way thi

AS3 Air High Score Help

Hello everyone, i just came here to ask how to add a high score feature in as3 for android and ios. I want it to display on the main menu of the game. Heres my main file (game.as). I am wondering how i would implement it into that? (as you can see i