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How to configure the zxp so that it will place the related files for the panel in specific folder other than the usual 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files \Adobe\CEPServiceManager4\extensions\' folder ?

Hi, I am Working on a panel for Adobe Premiere pro CC, Now we got a panel set up which will install all the related folders and files which are part of the Extension content folder in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files \Adobe\CEPServiceManager4\

Adobe CSXS Extensions update failed on multiple CC apps

I am cross posting this on this forum because there has been no response on the CC specific setup forum, only several other users that are having the same issue. Hopefully this might actually get some attention here. Stagg3r wrote: I have a notice to

Questions regarding Adobe Reader Extensions for Adobe Livecycle.

Hi, I'm relatively new to Adobe products, having just started to use Adobe Livecycle over the last couple of weeks. I've produced a set of interactive forms for field engineers to use. When completed, they will submit the xml data via email. However,

One or more Adobe PDF extensions are disabled - Citrix Metaframe Environment

*NOTE* we're still in the testing phases of this project. We've have an ASP based application within our system. This app launches PDF documents in the browser during processing. 2 of the 12 Citrix clients running tests are now reporting that when th

When attempting to remove the Filmconvert plugin from my machine I noticed my adobe\common\plug-ins\CS5.5\MediaCore folder had Vanished !

When attempting to remove the Filmconvert plugin from my machine I noticed my adobe>common>plug-ins>CS5.5>MediaCore folder had vanished ! and there was also no folder for my cc version at all ? so digging deeper i noticed a large amount of my