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Denormalization vs Normalization

Could someone please define and explain the difference between 'normalization' and 'denormalization' in reference to BW terminology? Thank you in advance!Hai Shelly,              The following example may explain you better: If you have a table <b>T

Degree of Data Normalization

Hi Friends, Is data normalization the same as database normalization? Is this part of the work of DBA? How many forms or level does data normalization has? Is it up to 5th or 6th level? I have been hearing this Data Normalization and I tried reading

How to normalize data in BW and in Bex Report

Hello Experts, Could you please clarify me with the followings please? 1. How to normalize data in BW and in Bex Report? 2. What are the best designs for data normalization and where? 3. What are the advantages and disadvantages for BW data normaliza

What's the difference between "Normalization" and "Change Gain" ?

So I've got a bunch of tracks that I've mixed down and bounced to 24-bit stereo AIFF files. Next, I'll be mastering those bounced files with the Linear Phase EQ, followed by the Multipressor (if needed) and ending with the AdLimiter. Needless to say,

In the previous version i was able to close my mozilla and to open it again, the web pages which i was working with remained however i've tried many ways to have this advantage again but it is not working what can i do ???

in the previous Mozilla version i used to leave some web sites opened and when i start working again my Mozilla showed the web pages i was working with in that occasion, i have looked in the options menu but there is no way, perhaps it was an add-on

Why does COMCAST work so hard to prevent me from taking advantage of MOCA/XB3?

I apologize in advance for the length of this post and its frustrated tone but I've spent so much time and effort trying to accomplish something that should have been quite straightforward with COMCAST but which has left me with a very biter taste in

Are there advantages to using Adobe Bridge with Premiere Pro?

I frequently use pictures with my videos.  Normally, I use Windows Explorer with the picture viewer to browse for what I'd like to use.  I've experimented with Bridge, finding it to be a memory hog and slow.  It got me wondering - Are there advantage

Can not change the number of decimal places in the normalization of result

dear all     i want to see the proportion of some data, for example, the income of May is 300, and the total income is 1000, i need to display it like 33.33% . so i set the Calculate single values as normalization of result, and then it display 33.33

Unable to print from my window vista 32 bit laptop to HP deskjet ink advantage 1515

I have window 32 bit vista system. I installed my new HP deskjet ink advantage 1515 , but I am not able to print. I tried install and uninstall many times, run HP Print and scan doctor. No problem reported in installation but failed to print. Pls hel

What is the advantage of using DataSourceUpdateMode.OnPropertyChanged for databinding winform c#

first see my code public class Car : INotifyPropertyChanged private string _make; private string _model; private int _year; public event PropertyChangedEventHandler PropertyChanged; public Car(string make, string model, int year) _make = make; _model

AirPort Extreme 6th gen, not recognize my printer HP deskjet ink advantage 1515

I have AirPort Extreme 6th gen, it can not recognize my printer HP deskjet ink advantage 1515. I already contact hp support and they reply my printer is support by AirPort Extreme. This is the link web statement http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/doc

Apex Listener vs. Oracle Application Server... advantages?

Are there advantages to installing Apex Listener over using an existing Oracle Application Server instance to serve Apex applications? We have an existing application server instance in production. Would introducing Apex Listener and the extra overhe

Advantage and disadvantage of xml publisher, report builder and discoverer

Hi, anyone can explain advantage and disadvantage of xml publisher, report builder and discoverer? thanks in advance!The best way i found was to put a equals and then double quotes... this only works for excel however it will allow you to cut and pas

Advantages of new iTunes account over sharing mine for child?

Hi - I've tried to read through the previous discussions but there are so many and many were before iOS 5 - here's the situation: My husband got a new iphone 4s so we disabled the AT&T contract on his 3GS and want to give it to our daughter.  She cur

How can we export the Primary key values (along with other data) from an Advantage database?

One of our customers is moving from our application (which uses Advantage Database Server) to another application (which uses other database technology). They have asked us to help export their data, so that they can migrate it to another database sy

If I use the same iCloud account for my ipad and iPhone, will changes I make on one change on the other as well?  I'm not sure of the advantage of using teh same iCloud for both devices.

If I use the same iCloud account for my ipad and iPhone, will changes I make on one change on the other as well?  I'm not sure of the advantage of using teh same iCloud for both devices.No, it only mirrors changes to synced data.  This includes mail,

I had planned on taking advantage of the Unlimited Data Loophole but... (VZW REP PLEASE READ)

I had planned on taking advantage of the Unlimited Data Loophole by upgrading a phone that was originally on a tiered plan then activating the iPhone 5 on that plan I would then have taken the iPhone 5 and and then activated it on a number that is cu

Does Verizon take advantage of Seniors?

This is the second time I have attempted to contact you and your store with no response. Te time to refund and cancel the phone is running out without a response from Verizon. What must I do, go to social media or file a small claims case. On 2/5/15

Is this taking advantage of the consumer?

I have spent hundreds of dollars on iTunes songs. I have asked Apple to 'reactivate songs' twice out of the three times now, and each time I've lost my music is purely because of Apple's software. Why can't we redownload previously purchased songs fo

What is VIEW in Database table what is the advantage

Hi: I would like to get your opinion on what is the advantage of Table VIEW? I read a note saying it is all about simplifying Query. But when you come to XMLTYPE where there is only ONE ROW and NO COLUMN, How do you create XMLVIEW for a large XML fil