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advantages of secondary data


The '' secondary data source is not a relational data source, or does not use an OLE DB provider.

Hi, We are using Teradata as data source in SSAS 2008R2, it's using '.Net Providers\.Net Data Provider for Teradata'. In DSV, we have two data sources both using Teradata. While processing dimensions, all dimensions coming from secondary data source

I recently updated my prepaid plan option to take advantage of more data and my previous month of already paid service was cut short. Who can I contact to successfully resolve this issue?

I have a prepaid Moto G that has had continuous prepaid service through Verizon for over a year. I switched this device to the $45/mo 512MB Smartphone plan when it was introduced last year, configuring autopay for the 29th of each month for service r

VDI secondary data node down

Dear all, i have one primary and two secondary setup both primary and one secondaryA are running fine. but when i used ./vda-db-status on another secondary B . it showed me down data node down actually secondary B was shutdown due to power failure. w

Advantages of storing data in XML

Hi -- I am working with Oracle Database for long time but i haven't used XML much during this time. I am just trying to figureout the advantages of storing the data in XML (XMLType column). If i have millions of records in multiple tables, is there a

Trying to take advantage of lower data prices, VZW site says my plan no longer available.

I moved our family plan to the "MORE Everything Unlimited Talk, Text, & 3GB" plan in December 2014. Now I'm trying to take advantage of the new lower data prices. When I visit My Verizon to change it, I see this message: Your current plan, M

Err when calling secondary data determination using C&L Notification Excel

Hi , I am facing error when extracting data using C&L Fie creation for a specification. Please provide your valuable inputs. Thanks RamHello Ram you should decribe the problem in more detail so that somebody can help (maybe) C.B.Read other 2 answers

I had planned on taking advantage of the Unlimited Data Loophole but... (VZW REP PLEASE READ)

I had planned on taking advantage of the Unlimited Data Loophole by upgrading a phone that was originally on a tiered plan then activating the iPhone 5 on that plan I would then have taken the iPhone 5 and and then activated it on a number that is cu

Advantage of data  transfer from infoobject to ODS

Hi, 1)what is the advantage of  bringing data first in infoobject and  then moving into DSO ?? why cant we directly bring into DSO?why we need infoobject in between 2) can we use infocube in Infoset? if no then y?Hello, You don't normally feed data f

How to submit InfoPath form data to multiple SharePoint lists at one time?

Hi, I'm looking for a way to submit certain data in InfoPath form to separate SharePoint lists at the same time. I have a form that has two views with many data in them. I want to keep these data in separate SharePoint list besides keeping them in th

Updating a secondary datasource to a Sharepoint list via infopath form rules

Using SharePoint 2010 and InfoPath 2010 I created a form that prior to submission it gets an integer value from a separate SharePoint list via a secondary datasource.  Just before the rule that submits the form to a document folder via the main datas

Create a Report with InfoPath to Show Only Some of Data in a Custom List

I have to create a report using InfoPath from a SharePoint 2010 custom list.  The report has 8 columns, and there will be four repeating? tables in it, each table including data that is filtered from the bigger list to meet two criteria.  All the ite

Switching to an old Basic phone for a week.... will I lose my unlimited data plan?

I have a Droid Incredible. It sold on ebay sooner than anticipated. So I need to activate my old LG EnV until Jan 7th when I can upgrade to a new phone (because the Incredible will get shipped out first thing in the morning to my buyer, and I'll stil

Attribute handling in Sun Java Directory Proxy Server join data views

Hi all, I've configured a join data view and want to get rid of the duplicated attributes that show up in the search results since they are present in the primary and the secondary data view. The documentation says that this behaviour is configurable

Read/get xml data (string)

Hi I have a XML string that I get from a TCP transfer, I have attached a received string. I have no experience in reading XML data, I have tried looking in the forums and some of the examples in LV, but I cannot get it to work, so I hope that someone

Link Load balancing - Data center query

Dear all, I have a query on link load balancing. My scenario goes like this. The customer has taken web hosting services from two data centers. When an user who is accessing the servcies available in primary data center gets disconnected due to say l

Send data from R/3 to BW via XI

Is there any advantage to send data through XI to BW from R/3, instead of the standard extraction methods provided by BW? I know how to post the data into BW from XI, just whether or not it is worth routing the delta data through XI, instead of the s

What is the best approach to migrate SharePoint farm from one data center to other datacenter

We have two web front server and one application server and two instances for database server and we have to migrate complete farm from one data center to other data center with minimal downtime and end user impact. Please provide your best input on

What is the best approach to return Large data from Stored Procedure ?

no answers to my original post, maybe better luck this time, thanks! We have a stored proc (Oracle 8i) that: 1) receives some parameters. 2)performs computations which create a large block of data 3) return this data to caller. compatible with both A

How to Integrate real time data between 2 database servers

How to Integrate real time data between 2 database servers May 31, 2006 2:45 AM I have a scenario where the data base (DB2 400) is maintained by AS 400 application and my new website application based on j2ee platform access the same database also bu

Where does TREX store data?

Hi all, Sorry if my question is stupid, but I didn't find any document writes about database of TREX. So where does TREX store data?Hi, TREX creates an index from documents in a document set. An index is a collection of selected terms that represent