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Adobe Bridge in advertising agency

Hello, i work in advertising agency Made by Vaculik (formerly Vaculik Advertising), we are located in Europe/Slovakia/Bratislava and we was using Adobe Bridge since CS2 release. CS3 was longest used and we was VERY satisfied with its technology. Crea

Lack of Training / False In-Store Advertising Complaint - Avon, CT Store (Want Executive Level Contact)

Hello, We have been Verizon customers for many years and typically enjoy the product and service.  However, this last upgrade we had a horrendous experience as a result of poor training by staff at the Avon, CT store.  We both upgraded our phones to

Do Verizon customers have any legal recourse in response to the false advertising of iPhone ship dates, as well as de-prioritizing existing customers in the fulfillment order?

9/19 guaranteed ship date, seems like a clear cut case of "bait and switch" on top of the customer service failure. State and federal laws are in place to protect consumers from false or misleading advertising. These laws make deceptive claims i

Advertise implicit-null label for static routes

Hi, I want to ask if there is any way to change the label or stop adveritise label for an static route. Normally LDP advertises an Implicit Null label for directly connected routes. We want to do similar thing for static routes. We need to do this is

2013 Macbook Air 13" battery life not as good as advertised

At full charge, the estimated battery life read a little over 17 hours. At 97%, it now reads 15:39. Like I get this is vastly better than the older Macbook Air, but it still falls quite short of the 24 hours advertised on the website. Currently, it i

When I click on a website it opens a new tab or window with an advertisement

When I click on a website, whether it be after doing a search to open a site or when I hit enter after entering a password or even just click on next to go to the next page, mozilla pops up a new tab or window with an advertisement in it. It has been

Why is it that i am unable to buy an ipod nano 16gb in germany? In the stores it is advertised however not available, the store only has the 8gb and I can't ship it here? Is it a case of not yet launched, patent infringement or apple just being annoying?

I am trying, thus far with no success, to buy an ipod nano 16gb here in Germany. However whilst the stores advertise it they don't have it in stock and can't tell when it will be. The german apple store only has the 8gb version. Should i try to order

How can i stop firefox from exiting while i'm gathering advertising credits

'''bold text''I receive hundred's of emails from various websites (members) each time i clik on one of these emails,I receive a certain amount of credits that i use to advertise with or promote my business. I promote through these websites credit mai

While using Google to find a website, the catagories appear, but when I click on one of the links, it takes me to a different website. Most of the time the sites seem to be like larger versions of pop-ups, and are all advertising or trying to sell somethi

When using Google to find a website, Google lists the various sites, but when I click on them, the take me to a larger version of a pop-up. Most are advertising sites that are trying to seel something == This happened == Every time Firefox opened ==

When I try to open any kind of links, the page first shows me "the document has moved" and then goes on to some advertisement page.

When I follow any kind of links or try to open something in another window or new tab, the browser first shows the white page with text "the document has moved", and then moves to advertisement page of some sort. Usually in the small box where t

Verizon Wireless False Advertising on Family of 4 More Everything Plan

I am trying to take advantage of the heavily advertised $160 family plan for 4 lines 10 GB of data.  I have 4 lines and have upgraded my data to 10 GB.  I need to be enrolled in Edge to get the $25 discount per line to actually get the deal.  Three o

How do I remove an advertising program by the name of SmartSuggestor? I cant find it in the ad ons and I cant find it in my add remove programs on my pc.

I keep getting these stupid ads that are apparently from smartsuggestor but I cant find the program anywhere on my pc then I contacted the company and they tell me that it is a firefox issue yet i cant find it in the firefox settings either. I went i

Can i use the same advertisement to multiple collections?

Can i use the same advertisement to multiple collections? Advertisment A1 currently linked to collection C1. Can i use the same advertisement A1 to a collection C2? Because my collection C1 is query based and the C2 would be a static one. If i use th

I was wondering how the advertised 10G multiple line plan that is running now is different from my current plan. Basically, why am I paying more now for 4G of data when Verizon is saying I can get 10 for the same price basically.

NMMost of the advertisements running now are for Edge. You get discounts for having a smart phone on Edge based on the data package you have. What sucks is that most of the time they advertise a certain price for the monthly service and that is true

Who should I contact for a photo taken by iphone that could be a potential advertising idea.

I just found something AMAZING from a picture taken from an iphone and I want to contact the advertising department. (It is a great idea for advertising the big screen of iphone 6 plus) I am an international student from University of Illinois at Urb

Is there a way to stop being bombarded with IAds when playing games on the iPad? This is a very annoying new way to advertise Apps.

Is there a way to stop being bombarded with IAds when using games on my IPad? Is this a new way to advertise Apps?If these are the free versions of the games, buy the full version and the iAds should go away. The developer can offer the app for free

When I commenced subscriptions for PhotoshopCC i was billed $19.99 per month.  The advertised fee is now $9.99 per month for a single product.  How do I change to the lower payment plan.?

when I commenced subscriptions for PhotoshopCC i was billed $19.99 per month.  The advertised fee is now $9.99 per month for a single product.  How do I change to the lower payment plan.?The advertised fee is now $9.99 per month for a single product.

How do I turn off the advertising bar on the right of the screen?

Everytime I start Firefox there is a very annoying bar on the right that contains advertising. I want to turn this feature off. How do I do it? I've searched the help menu but can't get an answer.That is not a built-in feature of Firefox. First check

Whenever I click on an active field in the browser, a new window with advertise opens. I want a solution on this problem.

Whenever I click to start putting details in the active field on browser web page a new window opens with advertise. I have to close this every time. This happens also when I click on a youtube video link or any active tab. I am fed-up.. I have stopp

Verizon Customer Service & Deceitful Advertising

Like any Apple fan, the release of the iPhone 6 has been something I've been looking forward to for about a year. My contract ended in July, and I was being patient & resourceful - prepped and ready for my new pocket buddy, in all it's shiny glory! F