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IMovie to Digital Projector

I have created an iMovie with images and audio and would like to present it onto a large digital slide projector. Do you know how I would do this? Do I need an adapter or some kind of software? Please help...Hi Margaret, welcome to this forum ... I h

X1 connectivity problem with old VGA beam projector using mini displayport to VGA adaptor.

Hi all, I would like to ask you how to connect this X1 with VGA projector as well. actually, X1 has a external interface specification as  mini displayport 1.1a. So I bought mini displayport to VGA adapter from MAC store. (Actually, Lenovo Korea offi

Firefox has crashed for me about 5 times in a 20 min span. A total of about 10 times today. What's wrong with it? Is it my laptop

Firefox has crashed for me about 5 times in a 20 min span. A total of about 10 times today. What's wrong with it? Is it my laptop? Sometimes as soon as I open it, it just crashes.I started my work in safe mode still facing the same problem. bp-f5ee8a

Can i use my ipad mini while charging? Would it be affect he battery life span?

Can i use my ipad mini while charging? Would it be affect he battery life span?Sorry I have the same question to but i don't understand Yes. No.Read other 5 answers

Min and max from date range span..

Hi All, Here is the problem, we have the data like below and MEMBER_NO    YMDEFF    YMDEND 5400         01-MAY-99 30-JUN-99 5400         01-JUL-99 31-DEC-99 5400         01-JAN-00 31-DEC-00 5400         01-JAN-01 31-JAN-01 5400         01-FEB-01 30-A

Beamer connection problems with iPad mini 2

When I connect my iPad mini 2 with a beamer via HDMI, only videos will be presented, but not Power Point presentations or any other content (desktop, apps, etc.). What can I do?1. Turn off iPad 2. Connect USB cable to computer; leave the other end al

Mac Mini and spanning and rotation

I just visited the ATI site to research the ATI 9200 card for Mac that is in the new Mini and it looks to me like the card supports screen rotation to 180 and dual monitors but it did not specify spanning. Has anyone tried either of these with a Mini

Mini Display to HDMI adapter causing screen to go white/ gray

I recently purchased a mini display to hdmi adapter to hook my macbook pro up to my samsung led tv. At first it worked great but after a few mins of inactivity both screens would go white or light gray and the macbook was totally unresponsive. I pres

Mini displayport to VGA not working anymore

Hello Everyone, Macbook Pro 10.9.5 Mavericks Mini displayport to VGA adapter to beamer I recently bought a mini displayport to VGA adapter cable to use my beamer as an extra display. The first 24 hours it worked and I could use the beamer as an exter

After-market Mini DVI to HDMI adaptor

Has anyone tried an after market MINI-DVI to HDMI adaptors to run a video signal from the iMac to a TV? http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?cid=104&cp_id=10419&cs_id=1041912&pid=4852&seq=1&format=6#faq I know Apple wants us t

Mini DisplayPort auf VGA Adapter not working

Hi, While in Germany I bought a 'Mini DisplayPort auf VGA Adapter' in order to be able to do presentations on a Beamer. This worked fine for a couple of weeks but now has stopped working. I reinstalled the operating system to be sure that no drivers

Poor resolution from mini-vga to s-video adapter

I recently bought a digital projector to watch movies on at home, and am using my 14"iBook as the video source. It works great when using a vga cable. However, i want to run the cables up through the ceiling and down through the wall to keep them out

Help! Syncmaster 1100 blurry when connected to Imac with Mini DVI to Vga

Hi, I recently tried to use my Samsung SyncMaster 1100 (21") as a secondary display But when I connect it with the mini dvi to vga adapter to my imac the image looks blurry. Is there some compatibility isue with syncmaster 1100? Please Help!, I tryed

Lenovo X1 mini-Displayport to VGA not working

Hi, i recently needed to re-install a Lenovo X1, but i didn't have a Lenovo Windows-7-Image, so i used another one instead. After installing, i updated all the drivers, using the ones provided on this page: http://support.lenovo.com/de/de/products/la

My new (2 weeks old) Macbook Pro, wont send video output signal to beamer... What can I do?  I have the adapter to vga but it does not work...

Hi, I have a new MacBook Pro and I dont get video output to a beamer although I have the regular Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter and it works fine with my older MacBook... Thanks a lot for your tips...That should work. When you first hook it up it wi

Mini Displayport to HDMI doesn't work!

Hi 2 all! I bought a Mini Displayport to HDMI cable (Manufacturer Artwizz) a few weeks ago and last week I have received the new Macbook Pro 13''. I tried to connect the Macbook with my LCD TV and Beamer through this cable but both didn't work! After

Brain pick on an old problem of mine (squealing and poping sound when system is under heavy loa

Firstly, my apologies if this post gets double posted as I am on a barely functional dsl connection?<SPAN> It get?s flaky when it rains which is only periodically for about 2 months of the year? I was wondering if someone in the know might be able t

How to use  two monitors with my Mac mini

Hello, I have a Mac mini and using a 20" Samsung Monitor with it which works well. I also have my 40" LCD Samsung telly, set up next to it. Whenever i watch a DVD using my Mac i have to swap over the cables. Is there a way of getting the right c

A warning about using a tv with the mini

My father is trying to use his new Mac Mini with his TV, using the video adaptor to plug into the s-video on his TV. Two problems cropped up; he wanted to learn to use a computer so I bought him Linda.com "intro to the Macintosh" DVD's. He could

How can i share folders at Mac mini late 2009 with Apple Tv 3?

I'm using Mac mini 2009 and I can't share any folder with Apple tv 3...anyone managed to get a way to do so, so far?I have a WLAN at home conneting Mac mini (late 2009), PS3 slim and xbox 360 in the living room and I would love to share whats on the