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I don't have an aerial and got the channels throug...

So when I signed up for BT, I asked the sales person whether I would get TV channels without the aerial. They explained that we wouldn't get the majority of freeview channels but we would get the extra channels BT give you (Comedy Central, Discovery,

Tv aerial socket in another room - help!

I have set up my BT broadband Hub OK and have broadband........but now struggling with the TV vision box.  I've realised it may be because my tv aerial socket is in another room!!! and my tv donated by a friend has no aeriel cable with it. I assume i

Any competent TV Aerial Installers/Repairs?

My freeview signal on both my youview and TV keeps breaking up, the aerial was instaled last year and wasn't that great then! Its almost unwatchable in humid conditons. Strangely its ok during a nice dry day? Its worse than last year! Had two differe

Any solutions to stop picture and sound breaking u...

After five trouble-free years and one slightly problematic week with a silver box, I have been forced to upgrade to a black box. Altogether an inferior product with which I am VERY disappointed. I have been sent a new remote (better not great) and ha

Weak signal but aerial working

My You view box has stopped working, displaying weak or no signal when turned on however the aerial plugged straight into the tv works just fine???Have you tried retuning? You aerial may have developed a fault due to age or weather and provide a stro

What aerial do I need?

Hi, I have a Sky satellite dish, but I understand I can't use that to connect to Vision? Is there a connector I can get to make it fit? If not, what kind of dish do I need? ThanksDo you have a TV with Freeview built in? If so you could try a set top

WiFi booster aerial

I live on a boat and we are sailing around the world (currently in the Caribbean Virgin Islands.  We need to pick up free WiFi in anchorages.  All the PC users have booster aerials they hook up in their rigging and connect to their laptops via USB. 

IPod is not recognized by Windows Vista - possible solution

During the past couple of weeks that I faced this problem I found out that a lot of people had the same question as I did. Here is a possible solution. I have HP Pavilion laptop with Windows Vista. After I connected my new iPod – it didn't show up in

HAVE NEW 13.3 MAC AIR AND when using it to open sites in safari I have no issue until I go to a link page that is a pdf file or I am trying to save the screen info as a pdf. I only get a black screen with no data, cannot find solution in help menu

HAVE NEW 13.3 MAC AIR (previously, still have 13.3 MCbook pro which works captures what I am looking for an answer to) when i open sites in safari the page opens fine if it is not a pdf based page. Once i open a site that has a link to another page t

Open and Save dialogs are painfully slow. Is there a solution?

Open and Save dialogs are painfully slow. Is there a solution?I pulled this part out of one of the topics Barney-15E linked to. It absolutely works! The glacially slow Finder response has been driving me batty in Mavericks. Each time I restarted, it

Any Mozilla product I install crashes at startup. The first window I see when I open a Mozilla product is the crash reporter. I have tried every possible solution but cannot open anything. It started with firefox. Can anyone please help?

Hi there, as the question says, I cannot open any Mozilla product. I have tried to install firefox 3.6, older versions of Firefox, Firefox 4.0, Sea Monkey, Thunder Bird and Sun Bird. I have the same problem everytime. I open any of these programs and

Can't get itunes.  I get the following message when I click on either the shortcut or the program.  It says ITunes has stopped working and I can either check on line for a solution and close the program or just close the program.

When I click on the itunes shortcut or the program  I get the following message: ITunes has stopped working.  My two options are:  Windows can check on line for a solution to the problem or close the program.  It seems that my entire library is not t


Hello, This is a very common problem for those of us who belived that iPods were easy to connect to computers. The first iPod was, so why can't I just connect another? Well...you can. It just takes HOURS. Last night, I spent over 4 hours trying to ge

Hours per day, iMac Help solution doesn't work

My weekly view in iCal shows 24 hour days. I need only 8 am to 10 pm, 14 hr days. I went to iCal>Prefs>general and changed it to those hours and to show only 14 hour days. This affected NO change in iCal though iCal Help says; "To change the da

HT201263 my iphone 4 went into recovery mode & will not restore. Unknown error 21 comes up on iTunes. Please can someone offer any ideas for a solution?

I have an iphone 4 nearly 2 yrs old. It has worked perfectly for that time. On Friday last (whilst away on holiday) I took the phone out of my pocket & it was lifeless. I tried switching it on, no joy, I tried the power/home button reset no joy. I pl

Create a Support Message in Production system showing up in Solution Manage

Has anyone setup the link between creating a support message (under help) in a production system (like ECC) and SAP's Solution Manager. I understand that it uses BADI SBCOS001 with the interface method PREPARE_FEEDBACK_BO, but when I try to run it, i

Error occurred in deployment step 'Add Solution': A timeout has occurred while invoking commands in SharePoint host process.

Hi, I am deplyoing a  solution which has  custom web parts- vwp- appln pages, event receivers. It was working fine till last week. I was able to deploy the solution and able to see the web parts and func. was working. But now from the last 2 days onw

SOLUTION: Windows Vista + iPod Shuffle 2nd Gen

My original question on this topic is closed, but I finally fixed the problem and wanted to share. The problem was: Windows Vista Basic desktop machine and iTunes would recognize a Video iPod, but not recognize an iPod second generation Shuffle The s

Following upgrade to osx 10.8.2 on my mac mini I can no longer connect to icloud, I wouldn't mind so much but I have come to rely on th eicloud services to manage my work and home services, has any1 else experienced this and has any1 any solutions?

following upgrade to osx 10.8.2 on my mac mini I can no longer connect to icloud, I wouldn't mind so much but I have come to rely on th eicloud services to manage my work and home services, has any1 else experienced this and has any1 any solutions as

IPOD Not Recognized By Windows XP - The Solution!!!

Hi folks, I came across the solution to this problem over on the Microsoft website and it instantly cured my problems. Here are the steps: The solution is to make sure you stop the usb device prior to unplug. not just ejecting from itunes but stoppin