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airmon-ng not working


Kernel panic/crash using 2.6.36, iwl3945 and airmon-ng

Hi I'm unable to log what really happens, I tried with strace aswell as valgrind but they don't pick it up. It happens whenever I start airmon-ng with: airmon-ng start wlan0 I get a kernel panic without being connected to wireless, and with. Also doi

Mon0 error in airmon-ng on Dell Inspiron 6000 w/ Intel 2200BG wireless

I'm testing my home network's security, and no matter what I try, sudo airmon-ng start wlp3s3 returns Found 2 processes that could cause trouble. If airodump-ng, aireplay-ng or airtun-ng stops working after a short period of time, you may want to kil

Aircrack's Airmon/Airodump under Colinux Arch Linux

So colinux doesn't have direct access to hardware so NORMALLY you can't scan channels from within a colinux arch install. BUT! . It *must* be possible and I intend to do it even if I have to build something myself. Look at these posts: " 1. How many

System freezes when enabling monitor mode for AR9285 on 2.6.36

EDIT: OK, sorry guys, found some more infos on the topic: https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?pid=863772 Bug report: https://bugs.archlinux.org/task/21683 I am going to downgrade my kernel to 2.6.35. Hey all, I have a severe system failure when t

Which driver to put in blacklist

hi i have [[email protected] ~]$ lsmod | grep rt rt2870sta             391186  0 rt2800usb               8822  0 rt2800lib              25777  1 rt2800usb crc_ccitt               1079  2 rt2870sta,rt2800lib rt2x00usb               6888  1 rt2800usb rt2x00

Can't change my wireless interface channel via iwconfig

Hello community, I'm trying to change my wireless channel 'cause aireplay-ng commands me to do it manually. What I do: sudo ifconfig mon0 down sudo iwconfig mon0 channel 5 Error for wireless request "Set Frequency" (8B04) : SET failed on device

[SOLVED] wlan0 interface disappeared after installing compat

Hello I was trying to fix the airmon-ng negative channel problem, and someone pointed me to "compat-wireless-patched", avail. in AUR, here: http://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?ID=41472 I installed this, makepkg -i etc., and rebooted.. now my w

Aircrack with wl driver?

ive been trying to use aircrack-ng but im not quite sure if im doing everything right.  I have a broadcom b4312 wireless card and im using the wl driver.  Aircrack should work with this driver.  Ive never used this program before so maybe im entering

Are our Windows 2003 servers actually used?

We have several thousand Windows 2003 servers. Experience tells me many will no longer be used. What tool will help us to identify if a server is actually used? SQL,IIS and core infrastructure such as AD,DNS,WINS,File Servers are probably easy but st

Aircrack-ng, which tools to manage my network?

Hi guys and gals. I am trying to get familiar with aircrack-ng. I am getting stuck at the FIRST step, I can't get my card into "monitor mode", my iwconfig just lists my card as running in managed mode. Could this be due to network manager? If ai

I install aircrack-ng and woks good, but upgrade (not remember when)

and the "airmon-ng" not appear always i run "airmon-ng start wlan0" for start monitor mode but now the script it's not found, it's a bug?? pacman -Ql aircrack-ng aircrack-ng /usr/ aircrack-ng /usr/bin/ aircrack-ng /usr/bin/aircrack-ng

B43 packet injection

I have bcm4311 which is supported. Looked over here here and here and I only see 2.6.26 patches, and I have 2.6.27 kernel version. Will 2.6.26 patch work or will I mess something up in the process? My guess it then that this: cd /usr/src/wireless-tes

Kernel Panic when putting BCM4312 in monitor mode

So, I've just installed Arch on my new cheap no-name notebook, and installed the latest b43-firmware from AUR. When trying to put the wireless card in monitor mode (either through kismet, airmon-ng or iwconfig) it works, but as soon as it starts rece