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version 10 & 11g creating standby logfile groups on primary db is optional or needed? what could be advantages of both? I am reading 2 articles one is creating that other not? http://www.orafaq.com/node/2030 & 736863.1 NotesDBA2008 wrote: version

I missed to add Standby Logfile groups? What now?

Hi there I have created a Standby database in a test environment using RMAN   (followed the procedure given here -> URL:  Creating a Standby Database with Recovery Manager). When I tried to start the recovery on Standby, I got the following error: [c

What is the Use of  "Alter database activate standby database"

Hi , I appreciate your time. I just wanted to know what is the use of "Alter database activate standby database" command when doing the failover. How different it will act in failover process. Can we use this command in SwitchOver. Thanks in adv

Alter database clear unarchived logfile group... who, what?

I am the sole DBA for our site, all of them running RHEL 5, Oracle I recently (within the last hour), received a text message from one of our databases that poll the alert.log... ORA-1031 signalled during: ALTER DATABASE CLEAR UNARCHIVED LO

RMAN-11001: alter database mount standby database

I'm doing a duplicate for a standby database and I'm getting this error Oracle 8i Tru64 RMAN-03002: failure during compilation of command RMAN-03013: command type: Duplicate Db RMAN-03015: error occurred in stored script Memory Script RMAN-03006: non

Standby logfile missing error

Hello all, I am getting this following error in standby alertlog file. ORA-00313: open failed for members of log group 8 of thread 2 ORA-00312: online log 8 thread 2: '+DG_FLASH/hsstl/onlinelog/group_8.273.779638759' ORA-17503: ksfdopn:2 Failed to op

Oracle ORA_16000 when trying to add standby instance to existing rac node

I attempted to use dbca to add a new standby instance to an existing cluster. The cluster is 4 nodes, Linux RHEL 5.3 Oracle Also using ASM, asmlib, ocfs2 and shared block devices. ASM instances are up and functional on all nodes. current co

ORA-301 Signalled during: ALTER DATABASE ...

Hi, I tried to add 4 standby redologs to our standby setup, and first file went well. theothers already got error ORA-301: ALTER DATABASE ADD STANDBY LOGFILE GROUP 8 '/export/home/oracle/logs/redo8.log' SIZE 2G Fri May 31 15:31:22 2013 Completed: ALT

Can't switch standby logfiles to status=active

Hi DBA's I'm trying to create logical standby on 10.2 on fedora 6 on manual http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/B19306_01/server.102/b14239/create_ps.htm#g88234 I can't create proper working standby redo logs. ALTER DATABASE ADD STANDBY LOGFILE GROUP

Standby logfiles

In the following doc: http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/B28359_01/server.111/b28294/log_transport.htm#BABCBEGJ it says: For example, assume that the redo log on the redo source database has two redo log groups and that each of those contain one 500

Standby logfile

Since setting up RMAN control file autobckup on a dataguard set up I get the following message in the alertlog:- Starting control autobackup Sat May 07 01:04:27 2005 Control autobackup written to DISK device handle 'CF_C-00' Clearing standby activati

Standby db: continue manualluy alter database register logfile

Hi, in my standby db, on linux platform, some archive log are not register properly and i need to perform the register logfile manually. Which test a can i do to solve this problem? Thank you.This is my standby alert log: -- Connected User i

Standby database errors - Alter database open read only

alter database open read only AUDIT_TRAIL initialization parameter is changed to OS, as DB is NOT compatible for database opened with read-only access Signalling error 1152 for datafile 1! Beginning standby crash recovery. Serial Media Recovery start

Alter database register logfile

Hi, I just setup a dr site for our client for R/3 production system. I had two options to automatically apply the logfiles in standby system. Option 1: Wrote a script to automate the archive from primary to standby and then apply on standby. Option 2

Alter database OR alter system?? what is the logic?

Hi, this is just a general question not related to any particular issue. I seem to be missing the logic behind when we need to use the "alter system ... " statements and when we need to use the "alter database ..." statements. Is there

ORA-1624 signalled during: ALTER DATABASE CLEAR....

Hi, I get this error in my alert file what it means? ORA-1624 signalled during: ALTER DATABASE CLEAR UNARCHIVED LOGFILE GROUP 1... Thanks Edited by: vittel on Sep 3, 2008 1:28 PM Edited by: vittel on Sep 3, 2008 1:29 PMHi, First thanks for your quick

Use standby-database as standby-database after creating primary database

First I will tell what we have and what I did. We have a standby database on server B that was not started. We did a cold copy to server A and opened the database on server A as primary database. Now we wonder if we can use the standby database on se

While running "alter database create control.....".

oracle8i/windowsNT got a very big tracefile(750kb). at the end of file,desired script was there., Normally the size of tracefile would be 3kb. "create controlfile....." max_dump_file_size=10240 PLEASE CLARIFY [email protected] [email protected]W

ORA-279 signalled during: ALTER DATABASE RECOVER  automatic standby databas

Hi, oracle server: os:solaris 5.9 we created standby server by taking coldbackup of primary server and we are using rsync to syschronize the archive log files between production and standby servers but every over we recover the standby serve

Alter database switch logfile

Hi friends, Oracle DB 9i I am making a standby database backup (hi-brid), and keep updating every hour on top of the hour sked it with the archive logs generated. I am just confused a little. If I have 3 logfiles, and if I command "alter database swi