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Can't download AMD display driver for Satellite C870-C7W

Hi, my name is ??????. I have some problems with amd display driver downloading. Downloading process is breaking. i used different location but result is same. Anyone help me download this driver. may be somebody can get another link from another sou

CS5 crashes on exit; ATI OpenGL driver fault

Hi Everyone I was wondering if anyone else was having difficulties with PS CS5 x64 crashing on exit? So far it is not a critical issue... but it is annoying; I have a developer's DNA and I hate seeing that error message... If I do not load an image a

Satellite C855-1JD Amd Radeon Driver

Good morning, When I turned on my computer this morning I received this message: "The Catalyst Control Center is not supported by the driver version of you enabled graphics adapter. Please update your AMD graphics driver, or enable your AMD adapter u

Supposedly OpenGL driver isn't working

I just did a fresh install of Arch on my friend's unused machine, installed KDE, installed a few deps that I thought would get everything up and running quickly, and installed Steam. I installed Garry's Mod without problems but running it gave me the

Lenovo G500 Windows 7 AMD radeon Driver

Hello i have recently installed Windows 7 in my Lenovo G500 but i cant seem to find The AMD radeon driver anywhere..please help.Yes, it is either 5.0.1 or 5.0.2, not sure which. But it would likely require you purchase Mountain Lion to upgrade. But y

Satellite L750D-15E AMD Display driver

Hey :) I have the Satellite L750D-15E laptop (amd a6-3400m quad core APU with Radeon HD 6520G) with win7 64bit. The latest update for AMD display driver for my comupter is from 2012: http://www.toshiba.co.il/innovation/jsp/supportMyProduct.do?LNG=29&

OpenGL driver update really needed.

I am a game developer and I am currently working on a game using Unreal Engine 3. The game is running perfectly @ 60+ fps with most of current post-processing turned on. On brand new spanking iMac 27" with 16GB 3.4GHz i7 AMD Radeon HD 6970M with 2G,

AMD Display Driver Stopped Responding Pop Up After Monitor Goes Black

HP Pavilion Elite HPE 400z PC [Edited for Personal Information] AMD Athlon X4 635 quad-core (2.9GHz) 512MB ATI RadeonHD5450 Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit Purchased 1/2011.  Early on and continually getting worse to the point this happens several time

Try out the AMD processor driver!

I don't know how many of you are aware of the AMD Athlon 64 processor driver. I didn't know about it at first. It doesn't appear to be well advertized. It does a good job of lowering CPU temperatures. It decreased my average CPU temp by about 8C. Fro

AMD Processor Driver

I have seen comments about installing AMD Athlon 64 Processor Driver.  I looked on the AMD site and downloaded The XP version and I am just wondering if I really need to install this. Everything is running fine except Cool n Quiet, the commen

AMD Radeon Driver problem in Pavilion dv7 notebook

I have a pavilion dv7 notebook and for the last couple months I have been experiencing problems with my graphics driver. It began with a notice that my driver was out of date, so I went to the AMD website and attempted to install the update. I ran th

Can not locate driver download page.

Can not locate driver download page. Officejet Pro 8500 A909a MS Vista Ultimate 64 Bit. When using my Linux PC to try and locate drivers for another PC, the website just keeps sending me in circles and never displays the drivers to download.  Seems l

NVIDIA OpenGL driver lost connection with the display driver

Alienware M14x Laptop Windows 7-pre 64-bit 8gb ram 3gb Video: NVIDIA GeForce GT 555M Intel i7 2760QM AE CS4 AE keeps crashing. I get the following message while doing something as simple as scrubbing through the timeline, or changing opacity of a lay

Unable to load driver download page.

I was called by my dad who needed some assistance to get a printer installed he bought fresh from a second hand store. Anyway, I tried getting to the HP download page. The page however remains blank and does not load. I found some similar threads tha

I bought a Sandisk Connect Media Drive, downloaded the app from iTunes.  Before iOS 8, movies played fine.  After iOS upgrade I can no longer play movies downloaded from iTunes to the media drive.  Anyone else have a similar issue?

I bought a Sandisk Connect Media Drive, downloaded the app from iTunes.  Before iOS 8, movies played fine.  After iOS upgrade I can no longer play movies downloaded from iTunes to the media drive.  Anyone else have a similar issue?I checked with SanD

Where can I find a driver download for scanjet 4300c windows 8.1 64 bit

I need a free driver update download for the hp scanjet 4300c scanner using windows 8.1, 64bitHi @J13, Welcome to the HP Forums!  I noticed that you are wondering where you can find a driver download for your HP Scanjet 4300c for Windows 8.1 64 bit.

Bootcamp driver download failure

I just got a brand new MacBook Pro (9,1) and since this one is replacing both my old mbp and dell pc, I need to install Windows via boot camp. The boot camp downloader fails to complete. After many hours it just sits on around 25% with no progress. (

My PC doesn't recognise my iPhone6, any trustworthy driver downloads out there?

My PC doesn't recognise my iPhone6, any trustworthy driver downloads out there?Well, did you try on different USB ports ..? Once you connect your device in to PC, then unlock the device screen and see if device asks "trust this PC." or not. As i

Help in identifying Satellite Pro 2100 for driver download

I have a Satellite Pro (marked underneath as a PS210E-00C3G-EN and as a P4 2000/256/30G/15XT/DCW/LW). I believe it's a Sat Pro 2100, whatever that is. Problem I have is that when it comes to downloading drivers, I can't find anything approaching that

How to reinstall openGL driver (deleted by mistake)?

Hi, using clean app to clean some of my applications, I have deleted the OpenGL driver by mistake. Now application like quick time and VLC have problem to run. Is there a way to reinstall only this driver? If I reinstall Maverick, will it work? In ad