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OpenGL performance degradation after sleep

On 8 core Mac Pro early 2008 with Radeon HD 5770 I'm witnessing OpenGL performace severly drops after I woke computer from sleep. So far, I've seen it in every OpenGL application I have. Filed a bug report to Apple about this (9828111). The question

How to improve the OpenGL performance for AE

I upgraded my display card from Nvidia 8600GT to GTX260+ hoping to have a better and smoother scrubbing of the timeline in AE. But to my disappointment, there is absolutely no improvement at all. I checked the OpenGL benchmark of the 2 cards with the

When will the atrocious  OpenGL performance be fixed?

I have a 15" MBP w/ the 8600m GT and have been suffering with absolutely terrible OpenGL performance ever since I bought it. I am aware this is not a new issue and I am not alone, but I was reminded of just how bad the situation is when I was reading

Satellite Pro A300 PSAJ5E: Bad OpenGL performance using CAD-CAE software

Hi, I've a new A300 Pro type PSAJ5E with ATI HD3650 graphic card. I successfully downgraded to Win XP using recory DVD with no poblems. I use different types of professional CAD-CAE software that uses OpenGL. The performances of one of these are stro

Poor Elite3D OpenGL performance in Solaris 10

I'm running an old Ultra10 with an Elite3D-m3. Since I installed Solaris 10, I've had a very slow desktop and awful performance in 3D applications. This tells me that there's something wrong between the video card and OpenGL, like it's in software gr

HD 3870 poor opengl performance

For some reason, XBench is giving me some really low opengl scores. Any ideas what the problem might be? I'm getting scores of like 86 when other with the same card are getting in the 200's.It is influenced by cpu I suspect, and xbench is pretty....

Poor OpenGL performance with my laptop

Hello. I have installed Archlinux on my nvidia desktop computer and I can play opengl games smoothly. But the problem is with my laptop. I remember, long time ago , when opengl ran pretty well with linux compared to windows. Since one month ago, I've

Java2d Java3d or OpenGL performance wise

I am planning to write a game in java that must be multi-platform and must have a very good performance. I am making a kind of rts. This rts will only be 2d. I am planning to get as many moving little objects(pics) within a second as i can. What is t

OpenGL performance issues after security upgrade...

Hi, after the recent security upgrade of yesterday, I see again the OpenGL problem in the virtue desktop Cube effect on my 17" MacBook Pro. The effect is that the cube does not rotate completely smoothty. This was exactly the same as after the first

IvyBridge MBA: OpenGL performance drop

I bought a new 13" MBA (Core i5 1.8, 4GB/128GB) a week ago. First tests Cinebench 11.5 tests resulted in apx. 16fps. I also installed Motion 5 wich ran smoothly. Then something must have happened. Yesterday I ran Motion again and it seemed suddenly s

Graphic card problems - AMD Fire Pro M5100 in AutoCAD and Intel 4600 in Windows applications

Hello, I have some serious problems with graphic cards in my laptop. All newest drivers are downloaded and installed from HP site. First problem is related to rendering some applications. Some GUI elements have horizontal stripes. This can be observe

Photoshop CS4 opengl crapness

I'm wondering why is it that I have to go into the prefereneces every sodding time to enable the GPU support.. I have the latest gfx drivers XPsp3, 8800gtx, Photoshop seems incapable of just working properly, I suppose I could ignore the error messag

A few questions about OpenGl acceleration

My system: Vista Ultimate 32bit, Intel Q6600, Geforce 8600GT/512MB, 4G Ram, newest card driver. 1. Do the graphics driver setting have any influence on Photoshop? If yes, what are the recommended settings? 2. Flick panning is stuttering a bit. Is my

XP Install: OpenGL versus DirectX

Please, if anyone can give me advice on which version to install I'd greatly appreciate it. My setup: Windows XP ATI Mobility Radeon 7000 32MB Graphics Card Notebook Display Java 1.4.1 SDK Main focus is on large, fairly static models, so framerates a

OpenGL on PowerPC - will it be updated?

I have heard that OpenGL has been optimized for the Mac on Intel hardware and that these optimizations are in the works for the PowerPC Macs. As a PowerMac G5 owner, I would love to see improved OpenGL performances in games. Does anyone have further

App to stress test OpenGL...?

I've recently obtained a 1.25GHz emac. Unfortunately, when I run Apple Service Diagnostics on it(*), it repeatedly fails on the OpenGL rectangle test either by hanging the system or stating 'checksum failure'. I'm going to be sending it to an Apple r

Concern about AMD CPUs

I remember reading an article saying that AMD processors performed badly with CS3. To what extent is this true? Also, the system requirements for CS3 only showed support for Intel processors. Does this mean that CS3 was only optimised for Intel? I'm

[SOLUTION] GMAx3100 fix for opengl- APPLE DO SOMENTHING!!!!

I read this hack on an italian forum here: http://www.hwupgrade.it/forum/showthread.php?t=1678524&page=19 This is NOT a final solution but after this hack dock and exposè are much more fluid. +sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/com.apple.window

New sys-install: once bad ogl performance, other times good

hello! i have a strange problem. after a new system-install sometimes i got a good opengl-performance, some other installs got a bad performance. i had installed the system exactly like the one before. dri is enabled etc. tuxracer has a very bad perf

Why such poor performance?

Hi.  New Arch Linux user here, but not new to Linux (I'm no expert though, I've merely tinkered with it here and there over the past 7 years or so) I have this old laptop that I've installed Arch on in order to give it some new life.  While it's old,