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Android 4.4.4 ROM Download


On HTC Desire with the HTC android 2.2 (froyo) rom, when typing a number or a punctuation sign using a long key press, the cursor stay in place instead of advancing and positioning itself at the end of what you type.

Tested on login and password field (in sync settings). Other text input doesn't look like they have this problem. But I haven't run extensive tests. Well when I was trying to register my self in sync I came across this issue. This can be solved by fl

WiFi Tether Your Android Tablet to Your Cell Phone - LG Marquee Boost Mobile Example

Greetings Earthlings and Android Fans.... Just posted this to my blog and wanted to share a text version here. Check it out if you're looking to tether your tablet to your cell phone. I tethered my Thrive to my Boost Mobile LG Marquee. From:  Kaio's